Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Do black men prefer white women?

An interesting discussion has unfolded in an earlier post about whether black men prefer white women or mulattas. I am not aware of any studies or hard data, but will keep looking. One simple we can approach the question is the examine a few extreme cases. Famous celebrities should be able to choose any type of woman they want. I wrote down the first 10 black male actors that came to mind and above are photos with their wives. The blog limits me to 5 photos, so I'll post the other 5 and some commentary next.


  1. OK, a few points. I have worked with and managed black men for years, and speak with them candidly about things like this, so I think I can speak on this with knowledge:

    1.) The three of the first four men in the pictures are at least in their 50's (Lawrence Fishburne is 45) The last one, Cuba Gooding, is 40 and that is where you start to see the increase slightly. Under 30 even more

    2.) These guys probably married their wives before fame. Remember the key word: *ABILITY* to marry up the preference list I previously posted. (Starting at the bottom and moving up) The fact that most of them marry black women says nothing to me about PREFERENCE. I believe that if they could marry and/or mate with who they wanted or had access to women of other races more often, black people would either melt into the population within 5-6 generations as the black Mexicans did or the definition of "black" would morph into the Derek Jeter types.

    3.) There is a song by a group "The Black Eyed Peas" that to me shows that this is an open phenomenon. It talks about black men loving a white woman.

    A white woman sings:

    I drive these brothers crazy,
    I do it on the daily,
    They treat me really nicely,
    They buy me all these ices.

    [For those that don't know "brothers" is slang for black guys.]

    The song also says:

    I met a girl down at the disco.
    She said hey, hey, hey yea let's go.
    I could be your baby, you can be my honey
    Let's spend time not money.
    I mix your milk wit my cocoa puff,
    Milky, milky cocoa,
    Mix your milk with my cocoa puff, milky, milky riiiiiiight

    4.) Anyone who has been to Southern California lately would see the evidence in front of his eyes.

    5.) There has been much talk about the interracial relationships on TV in the press, but the untold story to me is that the black MEN are often being paired with non-black women in these movies and TV shows. RARELY the opposite. Go down the list of recent (past 2-3 years) movies with black male leads and you will see that either his love interest is not black (i.e., Latina, etc) or he has no love interest.

    6.) Famous Mulatto men don't seem to go for black women. See: Derek Jeter, Jason Kidd, Tony Parker, and Shane Battier for starters

    7.) When the NFL/NBA players have parties, it is CONSISTENLY *FULL* of white, Latina, Asian and mulatta women. Only the most amazing looking Beyonce-like "mulatta-types" make the cut.

    8.) It is well known in the black community that the more successful, professional black men marry non-white women. (At the very least a mulatta) I work with several. They have little to NO interest in black women.

  2. you should cf. steve sailers discussions of light women with dark men period, irrespective of race--seems evolutionary in some way

  3. I would suggest "googling" some black professional male athletes (go on ESPN.com, etc. and look at some of the players on the roster pages) and their wives in the "image" section of the google search engine. For example: "David Ortiz wife" or "Kobe Bryant wife." I have done just that for dozens of black athletes and the ones that have pictures online with their wives are almost exclusively white or lighter skined with caucasian features (ie mulatta, latina, etc.) which might as well be white because they certainly aren't choosing women who are entirely african american. Even if a black athlete is married to a "full blooded" black woman (that has the typical black facial features) that particular women is generally much lighter skinned than the man. Granted many white men are with white women who are lighter than them, but the difference in skin tone is far less.

    Men are all the same. We want to go out with the most attractive women we can and the women with lighter skin and caucasian features (regardless of whether shes 100% "white") are the most desirable.

    Did anyone happen to watch that horrible reality show on MTV where a bunch of women were competing to date rapper Flava Flav? I think his final selection was quite telling.

    He chose a lighter skined Beyonce-type woman (most certainly of mixed racial background) named "Hoopz" over a really sasy woman named "New York" who was about as black as you can get.

    During the show he dismissed women of all races. The white girls though weren't "hip enough" for him and the black girls were, well, too black. So he chose the best of both worlds: An attractive light skined black with caucasian features and a black girl attitude!

  4. One point. I showed a picture of Alek Wek to a black male today and he said she was very masculine looking. I then remembered that someone here asked if homosexual fashion industry males chose her. Then I thought, Hmmm there could be a connection on that one.

    Nonetheless, African features are considered to be masculine and thus this is why black women are considered to be least attractive. The more African blood the woman has, the more masculine she will look and thus the less attractive.

    Just the facts

  5. Just to drive home the point, re: the example of the Flava Flav dating competition -- that girl Hoopz was at most 1/2 black. Her mother was on the show once, and she was either Italian, White Hispanic, or something. Presumably dad was black.

  6. Don't forget Kofi Annan.

  7. Tiger woods (if you include his as black) and Kofi Annan have Swedish wifes.

  8. William S.Lomasney5:49 PM

    Lets see.
    Uhh, How many Black Notibles ,marry white nobodies . Is it that the Black are smittin or is it a commomn ritual,get a white Bitch, if you can efford her.I in learning years of waiting,there is a difference.Not the race but the Money. Which in turn, is "exactally the MONEY". What would you do ?

  9. Wm Lomasney6:09 PM

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  10. though i dont agree with all your statements;such as refering to the flavor of love stating that new york was to black.Maybe i took it the wrong way but i am assuming that you were refering to her behavior and if so i wouldnt stereo type all blacks as acting this way.Alot may say its the majority that acts this way, but I honestly believe its mainly based on where you live and your social influences.Therefore If you live in the hood where schools arent funded and the kids are basicly left to fend for there selves.Im sure the dont get alot of exposure to other races do to this.I think you should look further into how we are raised to believe every thing white is pure,clean,and righteous,and blk is well........we know how black is labeled....this is my opinon why you see so much of this.(D.SIGG)

  11. Anonymous10:20 PM

    why are most child molesters and serial killers and rapist white?And the media never makes mention of that fact.

  12. Anonymous7:09 AM

    My current partner is Black and I am white and I honestly believe that race has nothing to do with who you get with. His previous partners have been black and mixed race but surely when you love someone colour doesn't matter. I heard all the bad reputaions that black men were given and the truth is he is the most loving person I have ever met and I have also been with white and mixed race guys. I think people just like to have a point to argue about sometimes and there really is no issue!

  13. rosefoo12:16 AM

    im white and I belive dark men r more sexier

  14. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Lately there has been an increase in Black Men prefering white or half white women. Historically Black men have felt a need to both prove themselves as men and compete with the social advances of their white counterparts. I also beleive that the media has given Black Women such a "bad rep" that Black men are beleiving it. Yet many Black Women still feel a need to support the Black Man and many actually refuse to date outside of their own race. The people in the media are concerned about appearences black spouse today - asian child tomorrow. The reality of the matter for the real class of people is that white woman have found that once they have a half black child their options for a man are limited. A white man doesn't want to see his white wife with brown children - the old saying "once you go black you won't go back " should say "once you go back you CAN'T go back" and I have rec'd confirmation from many white women who have persued relationship outside of their race.

  15. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Listen guys. I was dating an Afro-american basketball player. From my expirience what i can tell u. those men understand black women attitude, when i would act as myself(independent etc) - he would go around and make sure that he will cheat on me as soon as possible, but when i acted like a black girl. He would be always with me< even would get scared. He would try to please me in any way possible. My best friend is a black girl. We r friends since high school. WE love our friendship. Bcoz of this i lost most of my white gfs< and she lost most of her black gfs. But we still together. People, color is nothing. we should love our friends who r the most important persons in our life. We should respect every person, but firstly respect urself, love urself , adore urself and adore everybody else. My friend is like a sister to me. PEACE ppl...

  16. Anonymous1:58 AM


  17. Anonymous2:11 AM

    What i heard was that white women r week, they let the black men do what they want, take em back when they cheat, give them money or take there money, a black women does not let the black men walk all over them.
    Black men have told me that the women they've been with r to loud, upnoccius, act like detectives.....
    I think that don't worry about the color of the scin, if he's the one u will now. There r so so so much good black, white, yellow, red women out there and guys r missing out on good ones bcuz of what they think. Try them all and dont let one woman mess it up 4 the rest of us.

  18. Anonymous2:12 AM

    Black men preffere dating a woman color of his mama.

  19. Anonymous2:15 AM

    What i heard was that white women r week, they let the black men do what they want, take em back when they cheat, give them money or take there money, a black women does not let the black men walk all over them.
    Black men have told me that the women they've been with r to loud, upnoccius, act like detectives.....
    I think that don't worry about the color of the scin, if he's the one u will now. There r so so so much good black, white, yellow, red women out there and guys r missing out on good ones bcuz of what they think. Try them all and dont let one woman mess it up 4 the rest of us.

  20. It is a sad indictment on black men. They are the only group of men that actively pursue women outside of their race once they get a little money they are FREE but they still have a slave mentality "trying to please massa"

  21. Anonymous9:23 PM


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  23. Anonymous2:26 PM

    I am a black woman and i only date black men. The man i am dating now is living with a white woman. He told me he dosn't love her and he is only with her because of certain things that she is helping him with. He spend most of his time with me we go on trips together and every function that he goes to he takes me with him. He dosn't take her anywhere. He call me his Empress. I love him and he loves me too. The last weekend we spent together he gave me his mother's bracelets that he has since she past away eight years ago. We have great time together and he is going to leave that women as soon as i said so.
    sign black beauty

  24. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Most men are going to do what they want, when they want ,no matter the race.if they are going to cheat ,they will no matter the race of his wife or girlfriend.so women lets not get caught up on the color of the woman who or man decides to cheat on us with.Lets just be strong and support each other,and raise our sons how to treat a woman and our daughters on how to treat a man.

  25. Anonymous1:01 PM

    i am a black man and i love black women ..i think they are beautiful and sensitive and they definitely know what they want....it is sad that the famous black men choose white women for arm candy but thats there choice some of them may be love but some of them plain stupid and just want to have the "pretty" white girl and trust me i think white women on the whole are ugly..just look at the average white woman that passes you on the road....unless they are famous and made up to the t....damn and dont get me started on how horribly they age....

  26. Anonymous1:09 PM

    well im a black woman with a hispanic guy for one reason and one reason only...i love him.....i dont agree that black women (authentically black women) are the least attractive ...im bl;ack and i am beautiful...im caribbean...the whole stereotype of acting black needs to stop...no girl in the caribbean acts like some of these african american women...we are educated classy and i find that when the white men visit my country there always trying to get us to come home with them....because they cant seem to find nothing but a fake breasted or assed white or hispanic girl...who is needy as hell and very insecure....and spend there entire life on a diet...BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL and for all those brothas (as you so eloquently call them in america) who wants to marry the white or hispanic girl for anything other than love u got some issues man.....seriously if u come out of ure mouth and say black women are ugly themn the next time u visit your mom i hope u say this to her face...its ignorant and its stupid and its downright SAD

  27. Anonymous12:06 AM

    "Historically Black men have felt a need to both prove themselves as men and compete with the social advances of their white counterparts. I also beleive that the media has given Black Women such a "bad rep" that Black men are beleiving it.

    Just because a black man dates a white woman doesn't mean he has issues or wants to prove himself. Maybe he just finds her attractive. Why do people always assume that a black man who dates a white/or asian woman only does so for the wrong reasons? It's not about the color, but ones feelings for another.

  28. Anonymous10:29 PM

    It has always been interesting to me that in order for White people, especially white men, to feel good about their women being with Black men,they view this from the angle of the title..."Do black men prefer white women?" Try..Do White women prefer Black men?" A black man does not have to make a lot of effort to be with a white woman. Go to a black club..even a strip club, you'll find plenty of White women walking around. Why would they be there with extra girlfriends in tow. The groupies for athletes start in college. White girls are the ones waiting at the locker room and all over black players at the parties(and black women are suppose to be the gold diggers). Note that a successful black man is not synonymous with famous. Fame and success are 2 different things. Most successful(not necessarily famous)black men, like other races, marry people who look like themselves...meaning black women. Athletes and Actors aren't the only definitions of success in the black community. I would like to finally see a blog that answers the question of why so many white women are hounding black men. Historically, black men have been the most ostracized group of people in the world...White men the revered. How interesting then are the preferences of white women. What is lacking in the White man is the real question. In terms of beauty..We know race relations in this country..White people had control over every media outlet. They promoted the idea via tv, movies, magazines, etc for decades that their beauty was top. Even Asians try an round their naturally slant eyes...current and old pictures of J. Lo no longer look the same; older pictures are a lot more ethnic. But that standard of beauty is the biggest farce..with the tanning, the fake boobs, fake haircolor, hair extension, fake nails, eating disorders, fake butts, enlarged lips..Who's trying to copy who??

  29. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Ron, regardless of how long you "managed" black men, you still don't know what the hell you are talking about and know nothing about black men or people for that fact. For the men who are married to black women, how in the hell do you know what they do or do not prefer? Denzel Washington won't even kiss a white woman on screen and Laurence Fishburne was married twice, both to black women. His second wife came after he became famous. I personally am not attracted to white women. Never have and never will be. So your analogy on black people "melting in" with the population is truly false.

  30. Ron, regardless of how long you managed black men, you still don't know what the hell you are talking about and know nothing about black men or people for that fact. For the men who are married to black women, how in the hell do you know what they do or do not prefer? Denzel Washington won't even kiss a white woman on screen and Laurence Fishburne was married twice, both to black women. His second wife came after he became famous. I personally am not attracted to white men. Never have and never will be. So your analogy on black people "melting in" with the population is truly false.

  31. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Peeps, ur opinions would be more valuable if all of u gave a hint on what age, race and sex u r... I'm actually writing a research n a lot i read here's very valuable... really :)

  32. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Fist off, Latino/Hispanic is NOT a race! and secondly there no such thing as being full blooded "african-american" most black americans are mixed to a certain degree not all but most. Having two "black" parents doesnt mean your not mixed through most of american history there were only 2 choices black or white and if you weren't obviously white to the naked eye than you were black so most people had no choice in the matter.

  33. .

    It is TRUE that MOST (although
    certainly *not* by any means
    'all') of the people who are
    born to two (2) parents who
    are both members of the very
    specific and unique Ethnic
    grouping that is currently
    being referred to by the
    term of 'African-American'
    (AA) are, in fact, Mixed-Race.

    Also -- the links below may be
    of some help in providing an
    understanding of both how and
    why it is that there are many
    individual people (and groups
    of people as well) that have
    been categorized as being
    "black" but are actually
    'Mixed-Race' (as a result
    of their being from a family
    that is of a continually








  34. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Please keep in mind, that the descendants of the slave trade to the "Americas" (to the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Carribean etc) left ALL of the descendants of the slave trade MIXED. The European slave masters ALWAYS, ALWAYS, raped the Black women and got them pregnant. This is why NO BLACK WOMAN FROM THE AMERICAS IS TRULLY A FULL BLOODED AFRICAN. African Americans ARE ALL A MIXED PEOPLE, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT ONE OF THEIR PARENTS ARE WHITE OR NOT. On a gentic level, the average African American is at least 20% caucasion, not to mention, sometimes an admixture of Native American blood for SOME African Americas.

  35. Anonymous8:45 AM

    do you see cuba gooding wife she really ugly am a black male and i love black women brown not light black woman, plus white woman age faster than black women around age forty they start looking like the golden girls.

  36. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Ok, I'm a white woman. I could care the less about black men. Most of them are ruled out from base one because they're what I classify as black trash - the dudes who keep talking about how racism is everywhere and keep victimizing themselves and the dudes who think that black guys have huge dicks. Oh, and besides famous black guys, all the black guys who date white women, date ugly white women. I seldom saw one with a beautiful classy white woman. And usually girls date them as an experiment and then dump them while they're happy they got a white girl. lol

  37. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Oh, another thing, white guys have nicer features - the hair, nose, eyes - and also on average are better at keeping a job. So no matter how much interracial relationships are shoved down our throats, they're better dating options.

  38. you're all very opinionated and that is good. most of the folks on here may secretly date outside thier races, and that is okay. I date outside my race also, but to every woman of every color; i say this: if a man can't treat you right, then you should find some one who can, regardless of race!! this whole race thing is so overplayed and if you truly love someone race isn't going to matter. I PROMISE YOU THAT, because you will be into each other!!

  39. Anonymous5:26 AM

    It could be argued that it has nothing to do with preference or attraction and more to do with what becomes available (in the case of celebrities). Have you ever heard the joke "That black dude must be rich cause everything he owns is white." Think of the white girl in the case of celebrities as an indication of status, not so much a personal preference. For regular average people without the mental issues of celebrity think of curiousity and then eventually the human bond. There's no voodoo here, you won't prove that white women are more attractive than black women just because Cuba Gooding Jr has a homely white wife. And think less Alek Wek and more Oluchi Onweagba.

  40. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Thank you ;-) look at that emo boy one at this blog:

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  42. White lady with a black man five years younger. Started out as friendship for a year, he kept my phone numb, called & we have been together 2 months - off & on. He has a lot of "rules" and sends mixed messages. Not sure if he has too much of a guard up, altough we agreed no commitments, but he just can't seem to get go a little and have fun. Would like to be appreciated and told he does want to be with me a little more than I'm getting. Says he will call, does not. Why such distance?

  43. Anonymous5:38 AM

    I am a 27 year old white female who dates black men. I dont understand why ppl make such a big deal of too diff races dateing, if its not ur thing then so b it but who are u to speak on it.y do ppl care what other ppl are doin , all u need to care about is what u are doin or is it that someone is doin what u want to be doin and ur just to scared to bc ur the type that worries what everyone else thinks..... y do ppl always down the blk mam ? y not ask that question, the blk men i have been in realtionships with didnt do me wrong , use me , beat on me . i had normal good realtions with a blk man that i love , who loved me back ,he didnt hide me from his family or try tellin ppl i wasnt his girl.maybe i just been lucky with who i dated bc i been treated better by a blk man then i have any white man i have ever dated , the white men the ones who need to learn a few things , i personaly think white men crazy, they the ones who u try to leave em they come kid nap u , r kill ya , stalk u , call ya cryin wantin u back, call ya momma , friends tellin them they cant live with out ya and if it aint that then the white man wants to marry ya put ya up in a house to cook clean and make babies and thats it dont wanna take u no where dont want u to have friends ,crazy stuff . To all the good blk men out there keep doing what u doin f them haterssssss and all u crazy white men get real !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Black women could do themselves a favor and quit dressing like black men....or whores.

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