Saturday, April 22, 2006

The best and worst immigrants, Part II: Okay, humor me--I'm interested in this question about which ethnic groups make the best immigrants, and which the worst. In this post, let's look at two more variables: crime and American political values.

For crime, I list the percentage who have ever been arrested (to get adequately large samples, I have to include native-born people as well as immigrants, on the assumption that crime levels for the two groups are similar):

1. Chinese 0%
2. Filipinos 4.5
3. English/Welsh 8.8
4. Germans 10.2
5. Indians 11.8
6. Italians 14.2
7. Africans 16.4
8. Spain 17.2
9. Mexicans 17.4

Amazingly low rates among the Chinese.

For American political values, I looked for a free speech question. Respondents were asked if they agreed that a racist should have the right to give a speech in their community. The numbers (just for immigrants this time):

1. Filipinos 66.7%
2. English/Welsh 66.3
3. Germans 60.7
4. Africans 58.4
5. Italians 56.9
6. Chinese 50.7
7. Indians 50.0
8. Spain 43.9
9. Mexicans 40.8

Again, Filipinos are looking good while Mexicans fall to the bottom of the rankings. Next time, I look at families and calculate an overall index.

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