Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The mystery of Obama X is finally getting unravelled: I read Steve Sailer's blog every day. He's written an awful lot about Obama for like a year and a half, so how it is that I could not put down his new book, America's Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama's Story of Race and Inheritance?

I'm not going to give you the details. You need to read the book. But I will say that the presidential candidate I've seen on TV and read about in the newspaper for the past two years is NOT the man who wrote Dreams From My Father in 1995. I simply don't recognize the man Steve describes. But the crazy thing is that the author spends most of his time simply putting Obama's abstruse memoir into plain language. The book is not arm-chair speculation; it's a translation.

The man who wrote Dreams is a race man. He lives and breathes to advance the interests of the black race. A literary Louis Farrakhan. Either Obama has undergone a Malcolm X-like transformation in the past few years, or he is a hustler like we've never seen among politicians.

I kept thinking as I was reading, "Almost 500 pages of race obsession in Dreams, and the Republicans can't make anything of it?" Why try to make an association with Ayers or Khalidi stick when it's much, much more effective to associate Obama 2008 with Obama 1995?

Sure, Obama uses convoluted language, but you can string phrases together, or as I teach my students: paraphrase. For example, Obama said the Nation of Islam is not the way for blacks to go only because it's not practical. It's not wrong to hate whites? Not wrong to hate Jews? Not wrong to believe that only blacks matter? Not wrong to believe that whites are the creation of an evil scientist--hairy-assed, blue-eyed devils?

Now, it might sound like Steve's book is a simple retelling of Obama's life. That alone would be an important contribution since most people are totally ignorant about the basic facts. But Prince is much more. I was surprised that the author turned it into a work chock full of psychological insights about the probable future POTUS. I pray to God that Obama is not going to work out his personal hang-ups on us, the American public.

Steve himself says the book might not have much influence on the public because it's too intellectual. I'm not going to inventory all the gems for you. Get off your butt and get the book yourself here.

And make a generous donation, dammit!


  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    A few great parts from the book:

    1. The baseball analogy of Obama as a hotshot lefty pitcher who the Red Sox don't want but the Yankees desire is brilliant.

    2. Has anyone else written about Lamb's "The Africans" and Updike's "The Coup?"

    3. Obama's attitude towards various Asians (Indonesians, East Indians) v. his attitude towards whites. Versus his father's and sister's attitude towards Indians.

  2. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Right, I'm also struck by the fact that when I talk to my friends and relatives, they all talk about how Obama isn't a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, how he's not crazy about affirmative action.

    I also wonder about Jesse and Al. They both seem pretty smart to me. Why couldn't they figure out that *style* matters a great deal, that being smooth and polished would have gotten them a lot further than the race hustling schtick? You catch more flies with honey, right?

  3. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Hey, I AM a hairy-assed blue-eyed devil dammit!!!!!

    Where's my affirmitave action job?

    I want to be the guy who measures cheerleaders for their uniforms, and hairy-assed-blue-eyed-devils like me are underrepresented in that profession. Im calling the EEOC, community organizers, and Dershowitz dammit. Im suing!


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