Thursday, October 30, 2008

I can already see the black narrative forming: Racist White America was overcome by black determination at the polls. Those 50% of whites who voted for Obama conveniently do not exist.


  1. LOL. So you're MAKING UP a narrative that doesn't exist and then mocking it?

  2. Anonymous12:28 PM

    "LOL. So you're MAKING UP a narrative that doesn't exist and then mocking it?"

    Just wait. Meanwhile, so far we've heard that:

    1. If whites don't vote for Obama they are bigots.
    2. Black people voting for Obama because of race is just fine.

    And to jog your short and shitty memory:
    Not giving easy loans to minorities was racist. When said minorities got the loans and couldn't pay them back, giving the loans was racist. Remember?
    You could go and look that stuff up but you won't because you are a lazy, dishonest and guilt-ridden liberal idiot.

  3. Even my black conservative friends are voting for Obama, and I keep reminding them that Obama and his lefty illuminati morals and values are the opposite of them and I am sitting there thinking they are racist for voting for him just because he is black, but if I said that aloud, then I would be the racist right? So this says to me only white people can be accused of being people can not.


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