Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dick Morris--good strategist that he is--says McCain is making a mistake to not run Reverend Wright ads this last week. He suggests we donate to this PAC. As we near the election, I've noticed that Obama has been turning up his black-speak at rallies. At this rate, by January it will be increasingly difficult to recognize the difference from his voice and Wright's. You want to listen to THAT for four years? Open that wallet.


  1. Funny how the transcender and post-racial persona changes back to racial identity when convenient. Obam'a softness on Farrakhan a few years back comes to mind in this connection as well. The democrats may have nominated someone as far out as David Duke, yet the major media maintain a strict omerta almost as if they were a mafia-type organization.

  2. Anonymous7:17 PM

    john s. bolton,
    The Democrats already have a Klan member in the Senate. Apparently, that isn't a problem, even when he uses the term "nigger." And Republicans waste their time trying to prove their inclusive credentials...

  3. Anonymous12:13 AM

    John, is that you in that photo? Are you part Neandertal? No offense intended :)

    -different anonymous

  4. Are you part human, part-civilized, or maybe the kind that feels a presidential candidate being comfortable with Farrakhan is nothing to write abroad about?


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