Thursday, October 23, 2008

3,200 professors have signed a pro-Ayers petition. And you wonder why I get so pissed off at liberals? I have to work with these idiots every day. The Steveosphere is one place that takes intelligence seriously, but my work environment reminds me on a daily basis that IQ ain't everything.

And this "Ayers is a leading education scholar" is nonsense. I knew of Ayers years ago, but as a terrorist, not a serious scholar. I've never run across his work on education or juvenile justice in anything I've ever read. That's probably because I stick to serious, quantitative research, not Marxist drivel.

(By the way, "education scholar" is an oxymoron.)


  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Amen to that. I have to work around high IQ types all day long in academia. We're look for a new university president, judging by our last couple, I'm sure the night manager at a McDonald's could do a better job.


  2. With his long list of honors and major foundation grants Ayers is establishment with a capital E. This is probably due both to his history of leftist activism and his family connections. Ayers' recently deceased father was a very big civic leader in Chicago and a close confidant of the first Mayor Daley.

    From Comrade Klonsky's blog:


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