Saturday, October 11, 2008

Let me share my nightmare vision: The catastrophic diversity recession puts Obama in the White House, and it gets 60 Democrat Senators elected to Congress. A long list of liberal legislation is quickly passed. A cyclical recovery and a cheerleading media give Obama a second term. But before second term scandals tarnish his image, his charisma gets him assassinated. His reputation eventually surpasses that of Roosevelt, JFK, and MLK. Liberalism is so beloved, alternative ideas, like human biodiversity, are never more than marginal, and the U.S. goes down the shitter just like every country that is not in touch with reality.


  1. Interesting projection, and one could imagine it accelerated even. Ayn rand said the "success of a con man augments his panic", but admitted dope user Obama appears calm and even sleepwalkerish. The stress on him must be unbelievable, both from the world's attention and from the divergence between what is pretended of him and the truth. The higher that divergence, and the height of his poll success, combine to destroy him with something probably dope.

  2. Anonymous11:03 PM

    I think it's pretty hard to assassinate a president these day. In Kennedy's day you just needed a rifle and the will. I believe the nut who shot Reagan lucked out: the president was being taken through unprotected space while transferred from a vehicle to a building (or vice versa). Nowadays, you've got a full-scale security state, so short of terrorists getting hold of tactical nuclear weapons, I think he is safe.


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