Friday, February 18, 2011

Hispanics are fine with family decline

Pew asked a sample of Americans if they were accepting of all the changes in the family over the past four decades; for example, more gay couples raising kids. They then used the answers to categorize people as accepters, skeptics, or rejecters.

Any enlightened conservative knows that pro-family Hispanics are more alarmed by these trends than anyone else, and that their mass migration to the country will save the American family. Just look at the table:

Oops--my mistake. Among racial/ethnic groups, Hispanics are the least concerned about family decline.

It's a win-win for liberal immigration enthusiasts. Not only are the ranks of loyal Democrats swelling. The new folks will put up absolutely no fight as the American family is gutted.


  1. Anonymous11:41 PM

    And as usual, women are at the leading edge of civilisational decline and the general shittification of the first world (I imagine the results would be similar in other first-world countries).

  2. Underachiever12:13 AM

    gay couples raising kids = america getting gutted?

  3. Ok, if you prefer, one of the questions was accepting more women raising kids alone.

  4. What were *all* the questions? Seems to me single-parent families are a lot more destructive, given the loss of a (usually) father, than gay parents, which at least tell the gays they have to stick to groups of 2 and try to raise a family instead of doing unspeakable things in San Francisco bathhouses.

  5. Women ARE at fault for our decline, specifically feminism. However, it's mens' fault more. Women do not have the big picture reasoning ability that men do. It's men who gave them suffrage, elected them to political office, and gave them power. It's men who started the decline by appeasing women in the first place, and it will be men who do what it takes to take their society back.


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