Monday, February 28, 2011

The average family size of jail inmates

I found more data (from the Survey of Inmates in Local Jails) on the question of whether criminals have fewer kids than non-criminals because of being locked up. I calculated the mean number of kids--biological, step, and adopted--of jail inmates ages 45-54 (sample size = 537). It's 3.04--not lower than the general population. Let's see if family size falls with a more serious criminal history:

Mean number of children

One lifetime arrest 3.00
Two 2.95
Five 2.86
Ten 3.38

More serious criminals have just as many kids as minor ones, and as many as non-criminals. The correlation between number of offspring and number of arrests is .04--basically non-existent.  Evidently, criminals are sufficiently alpha to have as many kids as anyone else, in spite of their low social status and time behind bars.


  1. is there any data on the length of their incarceration? you could be arrested 10 times for sentences of a few months, but it wouldn't compare to a single 25 year sentence.

  2. silly girl8:24 AM

    Are all the inmates male?

  3. A columns for race and a row at the top for 0 arrests.

  4. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Which is why all criminals convicted of serious violence (murder, robbery, battery with GBI, etc) should receive bilateral orchiectomies along with imprisonment.

  5. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  6. Anonymous5:48 PM

    "not lower than the general population"
    What is the general population?
    Also, I think there is a distinction between jail and prison. In my state, local jail is for 30 days or less. Prison is for incarceration for longer periods. If this is only for local jail visits, it would be for the more minor misdemeanor crimes.

  7. Thank you welfare!

  8. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Women like bad boys

  9. Ancient Rome had the same dynamic. There's nothing like the Dark Ages to help get rid of idiots on welfare. The people in the Dark Ages were ignorant, but they weren't dumb, the old Roman Mob starved itself out of existence.

    Mother Nature is very good at preventing idiocracies.

  10. Low impulse control.

    Need for instant gratification.

    Low regard for women.

    Impaired ability to consider the future.

    High alchohol and drug abuse.


  11. Anonymous5:31 AM

    Call me BigSoph

    JAL, you need additional provisos

    Women like 'bad boys'

    Women think that they can change them and they will become good people

    When the police and the COPS cameras show up, the wife will defend the abusive SOB

    When he gets out of jail, he will say he is sorry and she will see that he has changed. Until the next abusive period

    The next time he wants sex and doesn't have a condom, he will say "you know I love you, baby" and she will remember all the great times they have had and acquiesce

    Basically, the point of my post is that women are just as stupid as men

    Instapundit's posting of the beginning of Idiocracy is very appropriate.

  12. Anonymous5:59 AM

    One has to remember most of the time criminals are 'fathering' children with women making a living off of welfare benefits for birthing children. Those children then grow up with disinterested mother and no father to become the next generation of criminals and welfare brooders.

    Yay for government subsidies of broken families and criminal behavior!

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