Monday, January 11, 2010

More indicators of conscientiousness

Here are more indicators from the National Health Interview Survey (2008) of greater conscientiousness among Asians:
  • When results are considered by single race without regard to ethnicity, 10% of Asian adults were current smokers compared with 21% of black adults, 21% of white adults, and 23% of American Indian or Alaska Native adults. 
  • Asian adults were more likely to be lifetime [alcohol] abstainers compared with other single race groups (excluding Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander).

And of lower conscientiousness among blacks and Hispanics:
  • Regarding vigorous leisure-time physical activity, 55% percent of non-Hispanic white adults never engaged in periods of vigorous leisure-time physical activity compared with 66% of non-Hispanic black adults and 69% of Hispanic adults (no number was given for Asians).


  1. Anonymous10:42 AM

    now let's see it for gambling.

  2. Anonymous7:23 AM

    According to the World Health Organization's Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic (2008), the prevalence of smoking in those high conscientiousness North-East Asian countries are pretty high. 44.3% of Japanese males, 14.3% of Japanese females, 53.3% of South Korean males, 5.7% of South Korean females, 58.6% of North Korean males, no data on North Korean females, 59.5% of Chinese males and 3.7% of Chinese females smoke. The gender disparities amongst Asians certainly stands out though.


  3. Many Asians have some sort of physical allergy or intolerance for alcohol.


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