Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Less sex among educated not due to age

Some readers thought that the less frequent sex by educated people reported in the last post was due to differences in age. I limited the sample to married whites ages 30-35 (N =173):

Mean frequency of sex in past 30 days

No degree
GED 8.80
High school 6.33
AA 5.27
BA 4.88
MA 5.38
PhD 4.72

Same pattern. 


  1. Can you run these same numbers but control for race?

  2. Anonymous7:43 AM

    He already limited it to married whites. Perhaps IQ really is not conducive to sex/reproduction as some might tout, if these numbers hold true.

  3. Perhaps the more educated people tend to get less attractive wives (and vice versa), and thus don't really have as strong an urge to have sex with them (and thus don't have sex as often).

  4. Anonymous9:37 AM

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  5. Anonymous11:45 PM

    I finished my BS degree. I better stop now before I educate myself into forced celibacy. Maybe these sex stats are evidence for the uncoolness of eduacation or intelligence. In the short run, it seems counter productive. It costs alot, is alot of work, and you get to have less sex. Maybe I should buy a big truck and go drive in some mud.

  6. (One of the many) @Anonymous said,
    "I finished my BS degree. I better stop now before I educate myself into forced celibacy."

    Correlation is not causation.

    Getting an education may not be the cause the reduction in sex. Perhaps there tends to be something about the type of people who get more educated that causes them to have less sex.

  7. Do educated people have less sex, or just bright (or dumb) ones have less sex. If we believe Rushton at all, it's more likely that intelligence is an adaptation for having fewer children and raising them well. It seems odd that with all the things smarts are good for, reproductive behavior isn't one of them.

  8. Anonymous6:21 AM

    It seems like an obvious explanation (not sure it was controlled for) would be how busy educated people may be (time at the job) vs. others. Also, this can just be a situation where future time orientation plays in.
    Housework, bill paying and all sorts of other things take up valuable time for more fun pursuits.

  9. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Let's use Occam's razor here: more educated white males are far more likely to take liberated feminists as their wives.

  10. Anonymous3:28 PM

    is there a way to degraduate yourself?? LOL>.

  11. Anonymous3:28 PM

    damn even high school and you automatically lose half the cex..


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