Monday, May 04, 2009

Which common occupation is most conservative? I looked at the GSS's occupation question cross-tabulated against who the respondents voted for in 2004 for president (N = 4,017). I had to limit the analysis to very common jobs so that cell sizes are large enough. Results? Seventy percent of security guard supervisors voted for Bush. By contrast, 77 percent of health aides voted for Kerry. Makes sense.


  1. Anonymous7:52 AM

    A reasonable explanation is that many security guard supervisors are retired police officers and many health aides are minorities.


  2. Rent-a-cops, bounty hunters, and mercenaries are poster boys for anarcho-capitalism (the free market at its most raw and pure). The Left REALLY IS wedded to the State (that a single organization should have a monopoly on the production of violence.) This includes, perhaps especially, even left wing “anarchists” (who often go as far as favoring a monopoly on violence with a global scope: the UN). Rent-a-cops, bounty hunters, and mercenaries know they have no friends on the left. So you find them on the right.

    Observe Dog the Bounty Hunter. Dog is a poster boy for The Wrong Kind of White People. The GSS probably does not have a code for mercenary and bounty hunter. We could wager that they also skew to the right by a margin similar to rent-a-cops.


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