Friday, May 22, 2009

Conservative, religious young women: Reader Whiskey claims that young, religious, and conservative women are as rare as hen's teeth. Using GSS data (N = 660), I looked at women ages 20-29 for the years 2000-2008. I found that 11% are both conservative (extremely, regular, and slightly) and attend church at least once a month. If we look at either/or, 37.9% of young women go to church at least monthly, and 24.9% of them are conservative.

Over the past 4 or 5 years, I've attended three different parishes. Each of them had the same situation: a sex ratio among people in their twenties of about 2-3 girls for each guy. The women would often talk about how it was hard to find a good, religious guy. One friendly, attractive girl I knew became a nun in her late twenties. I'm guessing that a decade of bad luck made her decide against marriage.


  1. You've just unleashed the predators.

    Of course, coming from a Quaker background, I can say the predators showed up in the 60s. Its just that some denominations have been relatively spared.

  2. Even if they are rare, they all conveniently show up in one place every sunday. Duh. Is this really so hard?

    The real problem here is young, conservative, religious women settling for non-religious men who eventually screw up their lives.

  3. You could further refine these stats by wordsum-IQ category, because most of the male bloggers would (implicitly) be looking for young conservative religious girls with an IQ above what? - 108, 115?

    Not that they're picky or anything...

  4. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Plenty of good gals out there in fly-over America, especially in the suburbs in small towns.

  5. Anonymous10:45 AM

    References to parishes and a nun makes it evident that you're talking about Catholicism. I'm rather surprised about the gender imbalance among younger people, as I'd always thought that was something more associated with evangelical/fundamentalist Protestant denominations. Catholicism's more patriarchal structure and outlook would seem to be more appealing to men.


  6. I agree that these sex ratios sound very Catholic. I never saw anything like it in the Protestant churches I attended.


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