Thursday, May 07, 2009

IQ humor!

Special Boy With Freakishly Large Brain Wins Spelling Bee

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  1. Once there was a smart kid at my school. He could read and write. So a bunch of kids twice his size hazed him a little. Specifically, they filled a tire full of gasoline and hung it around his neck. They were going to light it but they couldn't figure out how to use the lighter. Kids are so crazy! Anyway, so the smart kid obviously lacked social skills or that wouldn't have happened, you know. People who are "victims" of "terrorism" generally just lack social skills. If America had social skills, 9/11 wouldn't have happened.

    Anyway, so after they took most of the kid's brain out, he couldn't pull his pants up all the way any more. Now he's really popular and never gets bullied. So social skill really can be learned after all! And intelligence can be cured.

    (I love The Onion. I can't help but try to imitate it.)


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