Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Audacious uses GSS data to show that the sex life of the average young woman is a far cry from Sex and the City. (Check out the comments too. Jason Malloy reports means and medians by sex, city size, and education.)


  1. Thanks for pointing out Jason's data exposition. He rarely writes on GNXP, and has no other regular forum so far as I'm aware, yet virtually everything he contributes in comment threads are worthy of wider attention.

  2. I've replied on your blog, Audacious, but in short I have a hard time squaring things I see in the culture, both entertainment aimed squarely at women endorsing high partner counts for women, and the proxy of illegitimacy, with the GSS numbers.

    It seems to me that this is just like my pal in 2004 who boasted that Countrywide had a genius model for cutting up sub-prime loans into nearly risk-free resales.

    Sanity Check: if Charles Murray's numbers for middle class White women (urban professionals) having 20% illegitimate kids (given the ubiquity and reliability of birth control and abortion), do the GSS numbers jibe with the data Murray says he sees (and is available at the CDC and Census Bureau)?

    NO. One or the other is wrong, and my money is on the GSS data being wrong. Either bad sampling, under-reporting, or both.

    At no time in history has the West seen such anonymity, urban living, rising incomes for women (equal or better than men) and cheap/reliable contraception. It would be unrealistic in the extreme IMHO to assume that women's behavior and choices remained as they were in say, 1955. It's simply not realistic.

  3. Follow up, my original comment was for men in their thirties, enhanced income/status and therefore attractiveness.

    These men in general date/marry younger women. Which is borne out by the complaints of women who date in their thirties and blog about it. To a woman, they report significant reductions in satisfaction with their dates general attractiveness and agreeableness, they have to "lower their standards."

    Suggesting loss of market power.

  4. Anonymous10:39 PM

    "yet virtually everything he contributes in comment threads are worthy of wider attention."


    He should start a blog where he basically cut and pastes things he has posted in comments on other blogs. It would save the rest of us the hassle of trying to hunt down his contributions in comments on semi-random blogs.


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