Friday, November 05, 2010

Thirty percent of Episcopalian women fail to have any kids

In a recent post, I showed that approval of abortion for any reason is widespread among Jewish women, and that almost one-quarter fail to have even a single child. The situation is even worse with another elite American group--Episcopalians. Sixty-three percent of women of that faith believe in unlimited abortion, and a whopping 30 percent end up having zero children (GSS data). Politically and culturally, it may be a good thing that our elites are not replacing themselves because they have been a disaster.


  1. How many of these women aren't getting married? I'm wondering how common childless couples really are.

  2. Old-Colonial-stock Northeasterners [The lion's-share of Episcopalians] have had a low TFR going back to the late 1800s already.

    I've read something written in I think the 1890s (probably at racehist) in which someone from Massachusetts was lamenting that the share of births to colonial-stock women was already below two per woman. Oh, what he'd say today. :|

  3. Anonymous5:20 PM

    I blame colonial stock men for not bringing the chicks to heel. I just got through researching my ancestors who came to Massachusetts in the mid 1600's and they had tons of kids right down to my own mother, the oldest of eight.

  4. Very witty closing remark and very true.


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