Sunday, November 28, 2010

Of all Americans, Muslims have the most kids

The table is from this research article.


Black Sea said...

It's interesting (and maybe depressing) to compare these figures to one's own family. Among myself and my cousins, we have a TFR of a stunning 1.1. Among myself and my siblings, we have a TFR of 1.67. And we're not even Jewish.

Pretty sad.

IHTG said...

The funny thing is that by world standards, all of these rates are pretty low.
"Fundamentalists" with a TFR of 2.13? Really?

Anonymous said...

What about Mormons? I come from a Mormon family and people are still having ~4. I even have 4 and I'm an apostate.


Anonymous said...

"Fundamentalist Jews" such as the Satmars in the Kiryas Joel community somewhere above NYC, are quite fecund, having between six to eight children per family.

I'd wager a guess that all religiously serious people, of all faiths, tend toward later families. In the US, a predominately Christian country, the religiously serious are the evangelicals, not the oldline Protestants. I'm not sure of the birthrate of white evangelicals, but I'd guess it is between three/family and two. Devout Catholics, of any race, also have larger families. Ditto Mormons.

Statsquatch said...

Maybe Kevin McDonald can explain the low Jewish TFR given their wildly successful group evolutionary strategy.

erranter said...

No. It would have to be Hispanic catholics and Mormons before Muslims. But they aren't on the list.