Sunday, September 12, 2010

What Rauf's argument implies

Imam Rauf informs us that he does not plan to move the site for the Ground Zero Mosque because doing so would inflame the Muslim world and would put U.S. soldiers and citizens in danger. In other words, people will be murdered because some Muslims were pressured to build their mosque down the road a bit. Although he doesn't realize it, what Rauf is arguing is that the extremists of his faith truly are deranged. He sounds the same as a right-winger who contends that the actions of Islamic terrorists have no rational basis whatsover. Rauf's argument implies that the only solution is to exterminate every last one of them; such deranged people certainly cannot be reasoned with. 


  1. Anonymous11:29 PM

    "We have two audiences: We have the American audience, and we have the Muslim audience."

    Well put, imam!

  2. Anonymous4:20 AM

    Have you ever seen a good exemple of excess in any kind of subject ?

    Me being a muslim could not argue on the necessity, the need for moderation, which, believe it or not, is the main objective of Islam.

    But we have to be vigilant (both sides)

  3. Anonymous10:43 AM

    When will they call for an interfaith center (promoting dialogue and religious tolerance) in Mecca?

    As Geert Wilders asserted, that is where it is truly needed.

  4. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Geert is a zionist, why don't he preach the same fort say, Israel ?

  5. Muslims aren't the only violent religious fanatics. Just look at what these Papists are doing!


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