Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Archie Bunker is black, brown, or yellow

In this study of 109,745 patients and 1,750 physicians, it was found that Hispanics, Asians, and especially blacks are more likely to choose a same-race physician than are Caucasians if patients get to choose. (The study controlled for availability). This demonstrates that non-whites are more racially nepotistic than whites. 

Think about it. Caucasians are basically colorblind when choosing a doctor. This contradicts in dramatic fashion the image of whites as bigots who prefer their race, especially on important questions like health. Archie Bunker sure as hell would find a white doctor if humanly possible. Truth is, most of the Archie Bunkers nowadays are black, brown, or yellow.


  1. Anonymous3:42 PM

    I've read an article and use to browse medical student forums, and many black students or interns express the fact that most patients think they are nurses/orderlies etc.

    Perhaps people still have biases towards black doctors and quite possibly hispanic doctors and that racial non-bias is towards Asian and in particular Indian doctors.

    I can understand why Asians seek Asian doctors, as immigrants mostly have a keep to themselves mentality.

  2. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Asians and Hispanics often do not speak English. I wouldn't neccessarily fault them for wanting a same-ethnicity provider.

  3. Sgt. Joe Friday8:34 PM

    OTOH, as a middle aged white male, I generally figure that my chances of being stuck with an affirmative action practioner are somewhat less if I go to doctors named "something" -berg or -stein.

  4. "Asians and Hispanics often do not speak English. I wouldn't neccessarily fault them for wanting a same-ethnicity provider."

    They adjusted for language, and the differences remained.

  5. Given the aggressiveness of affirmative action in medical schools, if you are going to judge a doc by race alone, then your ranking should be asian, white, anything else. And the differences among those categories are large. Furthermore, most people are too dumb to judge physician quality directly. Also, most people don't know the right way to ask for a referral. Thus, race is likely the best proxy most people have.

    The curious thing about that study is that only asians seem to get this.

  6. Saint Louis8:11 AM

    I think the Archie Bunker mentality is natural to most humans. What we're seeing here is the results of 40+ years of whites (but not anyone else) being told in school and on television that they're evil for preferring their own kind.


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