Friday, August 14, 2009

"If you want a punch in the face, call me Gerry": I took a look at Geraldo Rivera's book HisPanic. This is a guy who was a beret-wearing radical lawyer as a young man, who says that he has worn a mustache his whole adult life to proclaim his Hispanicity, and says he will punch you in the face if you call him Gerry. (To him, being called white is like being called a faggot).

His father was Puerto Rican, his mother was Jewish, but Geraldo aggressively identifies with his Puerto Rican side, probably because it is the least white of the two. He devotes page after page to celebrating the mass movement of Latinos into the country; he instructs us on how wonderful they are; he pooh poohs concerns about assimilation; and he vilifies the Malkinses, Buchanans, Tancredos, and Dobbses in the immigration debate.

He looks with great relish to one hundred years from now when there will be more Hispanics in the country than white people. It's obvious where Geraldo's heart and loyalties lie: with his Latin brethren. His primary concern in not what is in the long-term interests of America, but in promoting the interests of his co-ethnics. More stuff and more power for my brown homies and me.

Then, then, the bastard has the nerve to demonize the anti-illegal immigration movement by charging it with white racialism. He writes that we wouldn't give a damn if Northern Europeans were illegally pouring in through the Canadian border. I can't speak for others, but I will confess that while illegality does bother me, this blog shows that my main concern is the long-term well-being of the country. If illegals made the country a better place, I probably wouldn't get too worked up about it. Many of us on this side of the debate don't worry too much about Chinese immigrants, and last time I checked, they weren't white.

But it never occurs to the Mustached One to ask the question about what is best for the country. It's clear that, just as I love my little family of a few individuals, he loves his Family of hundreds of millions, and he wants us to provide a home for his illiterate uncles, his forever poor cousins, and his gangbanging nephews. You don't turn away relatives just because they're bad.

So we're back to the perennial double standard. Geraldo is a hero for standing up for his people; Jared Taylor is Satan in a Suit for defending his. And folks like me who condemn the brown juggernaut for what it's doing to America are called Nazis. The trip through Alice in Wonderland continues....


  1. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Oh God, you hit a sore spot with me--Geraldo. What a spotlight hound. Playing up his Jewish side would have gotten Geraldo nothing. There are, after all, lots of Jewish men with law degrees. Playing up his Hispanic roots, Gerald played the card that got him the most attention. Plus, Geraldo is one of those guys that would just die if he thought he fell into an "uncool" group. In 1960s, 70s America, what was "cool"? A Jew from NYC? Nah. Or an Hispanic guy with a big 'tache? Better. Or... an Hispanic Jew from NYC who identifies with his brown side. Oh, yeahhhhhh.

    I am reminded of a post I read just the other day on Sailer's blog when Sailer asked his readers what the GOP could do to revive itself. One reader suggested using every opportunity to turn the tables on the opposition by labeling them racists.

    I agree. First, Geraldo is a racist. Yes, he can't see his own bigotry. Geraldo believes his minority status somehow protects him from even being able to be racist much less be perceived as being racist by others.

    Related to this, I see that some advertisers pulled ads from Fox's Glen Beck show after Beck said (and I saw the broadcast) that Obama had hidden anger against the white man and that yes, Obama was racist. I think Beck hit the nail on the head. Not only do I think he was right, but what was important was that it was said outloud.

    Libs like Geraldo just can't take it when they, those protectors of others, are themselves called bigoted. They go mental. When I tell my lib friends (hey, I was a lib once) that the worst thing ever done for minorities was to shower them with safety net welfare programs from which they never separate themselves, they have no defense. I call them "Boss man" and they go crazy.

    The time for whites to point out the bigotry, the downright prejudice and hatred of some for Whitey is now.

    That includes calling Geraldo what he is--a bigoted elite.

  2. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Well, Jared Taylor differs in two ways.
    1) He's more polite than Geraldo.
    2) He's more explicitly racialist. I highly doubt Geraldo would discourage miscegenation.

  3. "I highly doubt Geraldo would discourage miscegenation."

    What is Taylor's justification for discouraging miscegnation?

  4. Geraldo reminds me of an man I knew a number of years ago. "Charlie" was half Puerto Rican and half Lithuanian, yet had light skin and hair and looked entirely Caucasian. Even if you knew he was half Puerto Rican you could not see even the slightest thing Hispanic in his appearance. I never met his family, but it's a safe assumption that his mother was of almost entirely Spanish descent with at most an infinitesimal amount of African ancestry, while his father, like many Lithuanians, was a pale-skinned blond Nordic type. Charlie had a non-Spanish surname and spoke Spanish poorly at best.

    And yet, he identified himself as 100% Puerto Rican, associating socially with other Puerto Ricans in almost all cases (I knew him through a business-related context). He had tossed his European ancestry down the memory hole every bit as thoroughly as Geraldo or Alicia Keys, both of whom at least have the excuse of looking somewhat mixed.


  5. cromapolo3:20 PM

    Just because many Hispanics have this "Pan-Hispanic" attitude, does not mean that it is necessarily so.
    Geraldo seems to have very limited knowledge of anthropology.
    For all of Geraldo's smugness and your frustration, Hispanics still are not one group (That's like lumping Haitians and French-Canadians together, just because they both speak French!!!).
    The solution is simple: end that preposterous Hispanic category and allow "Hispanic" Americans to self-identify themselves (white, black, mixed, etc). My idea: since there are already some Americans of Mexican descent that have roots to several generations in American soil, the mestizo category on the census should be added.

  6. Deaver6:27 PM

    Inductivist I suggest you listen to Taylor's adress to CoCC and then flip through Geraldo's rant and see who makes more sense.

    To be honest, I think Geraldo in the end will win and Taylor's side won't even be allowed to be heard.

  7. cromapolo8:18 AM

    Since I never really looked into Geraldo's background, I did some research. His mom is Jewish, and he went through the Bar Mitzvah, so that technically makes him a Jew. His dad also converted to Judaism. He's been married 4 times, and none of those wives were Hispanic. If he were so pro-Hispanic, you'd think he'd only stick to Hispanic women. If he loves his ethnicity so much, he would return to his Catholic roots.
    I think this book is all a show, and I doubt he really means what he writes.

  8. I think Pan-Hispanic unity is mostly a phenomenon that is a product of US AA policy and the attendant diversity industry.
    The case of the death of an illegal Nicaraguan burglar in the jaws of a rottweiler is in the hands of the fiscal or prosecutor of Cartago.
    The dog caught the victim, Natividad Canda Mairena, Nov. 10 as he tried to burglarize a mechanical shop in Lima de Cartago. A rottweiler guard dog would not let go of his prey even though his owner arrived at the scene and tried every way to drive the dog away including firing shots into the air.

    Fuerza Pública (police)officers arrived but did little for some 90 minutes. Finally firemen arrived and used the stream of water from a hose to drive the animal away. The owner declined to destroy the dog, and the powerful animal still is on guard duty in the shop yard.

    The fiscal received autopsy reports Dec. 22 that confirmed what everyone already knew. Canda, 25, died from severe lacerations and hemorrhaging as a result of the rottweiler's bites. The fiscal also reported that she had received photos relating to the case Monday, said a spokesperson for the Poder Judicial.

    The fiscal must now decide if the evidence shows any kind of crime was committed by those involved.

    The dog attack was televised and seen throughout the country. The incident caused a flurry of Nicaraguan jokes that played on the average Costa Rican's concern about illegal Nicaraguan immigration.

    The case was received with concern in Nicaragua, and a prosecutor from that country visited the attack scene a few days later.

    Follow up:
    A Cartago court has acquitted 10 men in the death of a sneak thief who was killed by two guard dogs while police and others watched. The decision was expected because prosecutors told the court earlier that the case against two Fuerza Pública officers could not be proven.

    The two were accused of failing in their duty as the man was being attacked by two Rottweiler dogs. The dead man was Natividad Canda Mairena. The incident took place Nov. 10, 2005, in Lima de Cartago at a salvage yard and was filmed for later showing on local television.

    In addition to the two policemen who responded first, other policemen, firemen and rescue workers had been accused.

    The court did award the mother of the victim, Juana Francisca Mairena, 10 million colons,about $18,200.

  9. and says he will punch you in the face if you call him Gerry. -- quote

    I understand Geraldo has twice had his nose broken by WNs in his talk show audience. This guy's had a long history of anti-white activism.

  10. Gerry Rivers is, without a doubt, the most pompous-assed twit in the media, and the sad thing is that-- unlike most "liberal strawmen" like Susan "Lambchop" Estrich or James "Kid from Deliverance" Carville, I don't even thing Gerry's doing it on purpose. His whining, grimacing, and arrogant voice, arm-waving and word-choices make him even more comical than his "Pedro" mustache and overall cartoony face. He is without a doubt the most infuriatign of all liberals.
    The difference is that I realize he's no different than any Professional Wrestling "villain," i.e. that he's doing it just to make Neoconservatives angry by waving red flags, and that it's all just Bread and Circuses to keep the people divided and conquered.
    These loud, garish liberals are simply the political-entertainment versions of Hulk Hogan, and it's clear that "Tito Bandito" is laughable at best. The more I know, the more I just have to suffer gladly those who don't.

  11. " understand Geraldo has twice had his nose broken by WNs in his talk show audience. This guy's had a long history of anti-white activism."

    One time was when a skinny Aryan supremacist called him "Jerry" on his Jerry-Springers type talk show, and so Geraldo felt safe in smacking him in the back of the head as he walked to the back of the stage to ask more questions.
    Then the same guy called Roy Innes an "Uncle Tom," so Innes gets up and STRANGLES the guy-- so a riot ensued, and one skin-head threw a chair which Geraldo caught right on his big nose, breaking it.

    So then the show CONTINUED, after security kicked all the WHITES off the show-- despite that Roy Innes just committed attempted murder right on syndicated television, now Geraldo was there calmly talking to him about how terrible that White Supremacists are.
    Geraldo is the most laughable caricature out there (and he's REALLY "out there"), being nothing but an obvious media-whore; and like the rest of them he destroys the credibility of anything he touches. Fortunately, the idiots who watch him have no intelligence to insult, so they continue to take him as seriously as ever.


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