Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More on IQ diversity among NAMs: Reader Jokah Macpherson pointed out in the post on IQ heterogeneity that it seems to be inversely correlated with IQ. This is no accident: the coefficient of variation (CV) divides the standard deviation by the mean, and it is appropriate when comparing populations with different means. If, however, we stick with the plain old standard deviation we get:

Wordsum standard deviation

Puerto Rican 2.48
American Indian 2.25
Mexican 2.05
Polish 2.01
Scottish 1.99
Spanish 1.98
English 1.97
French 1.95
Italian 1.95
Blacks 1.94
Irish 1.94
German 1.92
Russian 1.91
Norwegian 1.87
Dutch 1.86
Swedish 1.86
Danish 1.85
Czech 1.84
Jewish 1.83

There's some shuffling around here, but the most noticeable change to me is the drop of blacks from high to middle. The CV for blacks is so high because their mean IQ is so low. But for the most part the message is the same as the last post: NAMs (non-Asian minorities) are diverse in terms of intelligence. This time, my sociology professor was right: they're not all the same. It's the Jews who are all the same. (That's a joke, son.)


  1. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Are there any such figures available for Asians?


  2. Peurto Rican and Mexicans...Mulatos?

  3. Anonymous7:05 AM


    Many Puerto Ricans are mulattoes, but not Mexicans; they're mostly mestizos (white and native Amerindian)


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