Thursday, August 06, 2009

To all the Oreos: This post is for all the non-white Americans who are criticized for being dark on the outside and white on the inside. Maybe you don't speak Spanish, or you think that calling women bitches and ho's is stupid? Maybe you enjoy school and are proud of your good grades? Perhaps you're ambitious, but your neighbors accuse you of thinking you're better than them?

You feel like you have no identity? All these other guys call each other bro, but you don't feel part of that? Well, you do have an identity, but you just don't know it. It's called an American. It may not be a perfect badge to wear, but you could do worse. Trust me.

What might surprise you is that you and I are in the same boat. Like you, I have no people but America. And yes, if you think about it, that makes you and me brothers. That's got to be a painful thought--you and Ron playing on the same team. We Americans may be different. We may disagree about a lot of things. You might get mad, and God knows I do, but we're brothers, and we're in this thing together.


  1. Until you define American, your words are meaningless.

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  3. Human languages are not like computer languages, Jim.

    There are no precise definitions for words. Definitions always end up being circular. There's no help for that, it comes from the reality of embedded consciousness.

    Still, an American is someone who believes that America was a good idea at the time, and is still worth the effort to try to make the Bill of Rights and equality of opportunity (not equality of outcome) a working reality. The UN "rights of man" do not signify, being mostly bullshit.

  4. Anonymous9:42 AM

    --What might surprise you is that you and I are in the same boat. Like you, I have no people but America. And yes, if you think about it, that makes you and me brothers.--

    This kind of implies non-Americans ie Europeans, Asians etc. are somehow more distant to you than these "oreos." I could care less about "Americans"

    Embrace true Individualism and not care about other "Americans" at all. Its a meaningless word.

  5. Tyranny of the majority, limited only by a vague laundry list of selectively enforced human rights -- the sine qua non of "liberal democracy" -- must submit to the right to secede or it violates truth and freedom, hence all social good.

    "America" doesn't do that.

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  7. How could I long to secede from such devastating logic?

  8. Cut her a little slack Jim, at least she's patriotic...

  9. What, only Scotch-Irish white nationalists are allowed to call themselves real Americans? ;)


  11. Anonymous5:59 PM

    You gotta understand, eatfood, Bowery regards you as a contemptible quasi-human because of the hue of your skin so there's not much point in talking to him.

    And SFG, are you aware of his views on your people?

  12. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Blogger profile for this one says

    "I try to be analytical about the an analyst...but also am a good a therapist... so i guess i'm an "Analrapist.""

    No thanks. I'll stick with not caring about 'my fellow Americans.'

  13. I think my views on who qualify as "subhumans" is pretty well described by the following passage:

    All who are denied secession are slaves: their consent is violated.... If men from Maine choose to support the right of secession of slaves by marching on South Carolina to kill unrepentant slave owners -- every last one of them -- those men from Maine in no way lose their own rights. Men retaining their humanity may differ over whether it is wisest to intervene in such a way – or to intervene at all. For example, should a government which is capable of raising taxes do so for the waging of war against slavery or, better for the purchase of slaves to be freed from their dependent owners? Eminent domain “taking” arguments aside, just men may, as well, differ over whether it is wisest to put down a rabid animal, or to treat it.

    So, I define "human" in terms of your willingness to allow others to secede from your body politic. Oh, and in case you don't speak English very well "secede" implies taking enough territory with them to provide the requisite carrying capacity.

    So it's simple:

    If you think you can justify denying anyone the right to their own territory shared with others upon which they, under informed mutual consent, live out their shared causal models of human ecologies, then you're right up there with the plantation owners of the antebellum south as "subhuman". "American" or not, your lives subject to the same protection enjoyed by rabid animals. If I'm flush with resources and looking for an honorable way to die, I might come looking for you if you deny that right to people with melanin. If you deny it to me and those with whom I share causal models in human ecology, we are under no moral obligation to treat you as anything but a force of nature. You aren't human because you deny others their humanity.

  14. eatfood7:17 AM

    Jim! that quote is from the whitest show ever, further proof of stellar integration. anyway, i stand by what i said...i could have been born in china or france and still not be chinese or french, but i am happy to be american.

    jim that was a lew rockwell rant without the charm. holy deflection batman!

  15. If only Lew Rockwell could understand the connection between truth, experimental control and borders... he might be able to convince you with his hair and charm, force of nature that you are.

  16. "And SFG, are you aware of his views on your people?"

    We had a little argument about it a few months back on this blog, if you dig back far enough you can find it. I don't totally disagree with him, BTW.

    Has anyone else tried to secede in the past 130 years or so? I'm sure a lot of the Northeast would be willing to let the South go at this point, but you need a movement for that sort of thing...

  17. eatfood3:16 PM

    There's the free state movement in New Hampshire. I'm sure they're totally going to get that accomplished.

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