Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trends in attitudes toward Affirmative Action for women

Males, N = 1,490

Females, N = 1,808

There is so much talk in HBD World over the battle of the sexes, I need to remember to weigh in with data where I can.

The General Social Survey posed the following question: "Some people say that because of past discrimination, women should be given preference in hiring and promotion. Others say that such preference in hiring and promotion of women is wrong because it discriminates against men. What about your opinion - are you for or against preferential hiring and promotion of women? Do you favor/oppose preference in hiring and promotion strongly or not strongly?"

The graphs show trends in the responses for white men and women. My first observation is that 23% of men in 2008 need to be bitch slapped for favoring discrimination against men. What the hell is wrong with you?

Second, while a majority of women are against gender preferences, the number favoring it is going up a bit. This is true for both sexes, which the exact wrong trend. The country has become gender neutral at the workplace. What is called for is less sex-conciousness, not more. Wanting to put a woman at the front of the line because she has a innie instead of an outie is a power grab, pure and simply. Justice plays no role in it whatsoever. It's a let's-stick-it-to-a-man-today mentality. This is a bad sign. People are increasingly buying into identity politics, and it's got to stop.

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  1. Whiskey/testing99 like to use a "battle of the sexes" frame and claimed that women are in favor of immigration. I checked that out in the GSS here.


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