Thursday, August 27, 2009

Advantages of a breadwinner family

In the last post, I showed that close to 20 percent of white moms are married homemakers. Here's a graph of whites moms of all work statuses and marital statuses over the past four decades (N = 8,209). It's not a surprise that the breadwinner family took a nosedive in the 70s, but things have stabilized pretty much since 1990. If fact, you can see that the share of moms who work full-time has dropped a bit in this decade--it's less than 50 percent.

There is a good case to be made for the breadwinner family. There are married moms who have to work out of economic necessity, but "necessity" is often stretched to ridiculous proportions. I'm surrounded by families with $50,000 SUVs and huge homes that are a pain in the ass to clean and maintain.

In my home, we live modestly and take pride in the fact that we don't give damn what the neighbors think, and my wife gets to do whatever she wants. Her staying at home makes a large family much easier to pull off. Research says a woman will be happiest if she's doing what she wants to do.

If I were a mom, I would opt for homemaking because I could do all the things that are important to me; things that a job would make difficult. First, I could have a large family much more easily and thereby increase my chances of having one child who turned out not to be a disappointment (joking). Little kids are a lot of work, but once they're in school, I'd have plenty of time for reading and blogging--something I don't have much time for with a full-time job. You might respond that employment is so meaningful and rewarding and blah, blah, blah. If that's the case for you, great, we need dedicated people.

Some might think that being a professor is the kind of job that would be at the center of one's life. It may be for some. For me it's a paycheck. Ninety percent of the students hit the mental delete key after completing my final exam. The whole process is hardly worth the time. And if I want to have success publishing, I have to play the whore and give liberal editors what they're looking for. And committee work: oh my God, what a waste of time. Endless gasbaggery. At my institution, we spend 80% of our time trying to figure out how to make students with 95 IQs understand what guys with 140 IQs are talking about.

And I imagine that my job is much better than most. Do you women really want to push paper in some little gray cubicle just so you can keep up with the Joneses? All that stress and hassle? Many look at homemaking as servant work or something, but working women have to do all the stuff at home too, plus everything at work. How did women get conned into working so hard?

Housewifery is a bit like the life of an aristocrat. I mean, how did those folks live? They did whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. You know, socializing, playing cards, and maybe a little charity work sprinkled in. Isn't that the old sterotype of a housewife? Myself, I'd use my time to read and write, but that's the point: you don't have a boss telling you what to do and when to do it. You choose how to spend your time.

And guys, do I have to convince you that there are benefits to having your wife stay home? Yes, your standard of living will drop some, but my wife saves a lot of money too by doing the things that other people have to pay to get done. I'll confess that it gives me an old-fashioned feeling of pride to be the breadwinner, and a wife feels more for a man that she depends on.

But let's cut to the chase. Do you really want your wife spending her day working under a guy who is probably more manly than you are? Bad idea, especially if you two are having problems. Over the years, I've known several unhappy wives at school who have given me inappropriate attention. Is it some mystery that when you put vulnerable women and authoritative men together, you sometimes get sex? (Don't get me wrong, I've always behaved myself.) I know housewives can be bad too, but exposure matters, and the world of housewives is typically other women and children. Just as I like it.


  1. Anonymous7:23 AM

    "And I imagine that my job is much better than most. Do you women really want to push paper in some little gray cubicle just so you can keep up with the Joneses? All that stress and hassle? Many look at homemaking as servant work or something, but working women have to do all the stuff at home too, plus everything at work. How did women get conned into working so hard?"

    Feminists have conned women into thinking the life of a housewive is meager servitude, where they must toil over degrading tasks and are expected to have sex at her husbands whim, whilst men are members of a perk-filled club who throughout history maliciously kept women in check.

  2. My wife stays at home (works part-time) and not only is it better for our kids it is better for other people's kids as well. She helps at the kid's school along with other stay at home moms. Parents who are working full-time just can't fill the roles that are necessary for a well-functioning and pleasant community.

  3. Ron, cut out the "SUV" rhetoric and watch this video by Elizabeth Warren starting at 24:30. Then, once your faith in your world-view is slightly shaken, back up and watch from 13:30 to get beyond doctrine, to the data about your neigbors' "SUV".

  4. You should also listen to this NPR interview of Elizabeth Warren starting at 8:40.

    I'm pretty sure the very Jewish interviewer would love your comment about your neigbors' SUVs.

  5. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Im also impressed by Elizabeth Warren Jim Bowery.

    Since Friedan called a suburban home and children a "comfortable concentration camp" in her book, the "Feminine Mystique", and Helen Gurley Brown inspired and cheered many women to have affairs,, with a compliant media and academia's help, women have been more or less told to do what they are doing out there.

    Ive forgotten which feminist said it (Dworkin? MacKinnon?Gandy? Ireland?), but she excoriated all women who were housewives and mothers by saying to them, famously, "thanks for nothing!"

    One reason why we see 2 breadwinner families so de riguer is so that white families can live exclusively near other white families, in spite of programs like HUD, Sec8, and others that force developers to put "back rows" of cheap starter homes in even nice subdividisions. They oft work so they can move their family to more expensive bedroom communities than many minorities can afford so their own children can attend majority white schools. Thats the "ugly" of it, anyway.

  6. Anonymous6:36 PM


    Jim Bowery,

    I watched some of that Elizabeth Warren video from 13:30. She just slays the living hell out of some economic dis-info dragons about where a family of four spent its inflation adjusted money in 2003 vs. 1970.

    That was impressive.

    We spend 30% less on clothes
    18% less on food
    52 % less on appliances.
    24% less on cars (that extra SUV), because we keep our cars longer now principally.

    A 70+% increase on a MORTGAGE for a 3 bedroom+ house. Hasn't old Miles been shouting this from the rooftops across the net since about 2002? The middle class white family with two kids is being priced out of existence, unless they want to live near/in da' hood. Both parents HAVE to work to keep a lousily-constructed-by-illegals-home-framed-in-tree-farmed-junk-wood. Its all going to interest (the banks), because you know they can't pay that kind of debt down.

  7. Assuming Wikipedia is correct, there are 100 million SUVs and pick-up trucks in the U.S. These are very expensive vehicles, both in terms of purchase and fuel efficiency. I have a family sedan that I bought 3 years ago with 16,000 miles on it for $9,000. It gets in the high 20s on the highway. I spend a fraction of the transportation costs of 100 million Americans. Their behavior is, to say the least, not indicative of people who can't put food on the table. I don't buy it.

  8. Anonymous9:33 PM

    "Specifically, at an average of $9,908, used full-size SUVs improved an average of $125 or 1.3 percent from July to August, but they were down 22.5 percent from the year-ago month. Used, full-size pickup improved by an average of $763 to $9,592 from July to August, but that was 16.7 percent below the year-ago month."

    Ron, most cars (and trucks) sold are used aren't they?

    7. How many new cars are sold?

    Numbers vary with the economy, but the BTS figures in the most-recent
    report have 5.5 million passenger cars being sold in 2000 and another
    7.0 million pickups, SUVs, minivans and other vehicles under 10,000
    pounds. The total motor vehicle sales for 2000 were 12.5 million with
    an average price of $21,850.

    These numbers include fleet sales. Retail car sales were 8.8 million:
    "Retail New Car Sales" (July, 2002)

    NADA numbers are far higher, in volume and average sale price, putting
    2001 volumes at 17.1 million, with an average new vehicle sale price
    of $25,800. NADA projections for 2002 were 16.8 million new vehicles
    being sold:
    "The New Vehicle Department"

    "NADA Raises Projections for 2002 Auto Sales" (Aug. 15, 2002)


    There is general agreement that 41.6 MILLION USED CARS were sold in
    2000, with an average value of $8,715. NADA claims that new car
    dealers sell a little more than half of the used cars:
    "New and Used Passenger Car Sales and Leases"

    Ron 12.5 million is < 41.6 million (with an average cost of under $9,000). I know the stats above are from way back in 2000, but its hard to imagine people are more cavalier now than they were at the height of the boom isn't it?

    I know we all know of some young folks who went out and bought too much car. I know of some young guys that used to drive Escalade's and Range Rovers while living at home with their moms, but most people really dont live that way.

    Ive been buying used myself since 2000. I paid 15K for a nice full sized sedan (Ford 500) that gets 28-29 mph on the highway that only had 22K miles on it in 2005. Its been a good car. If I can get five years out of it, I drove for 3K a year. If I can squeeze 7 out of it, I drove for about 2.5K a year. Not bad.

  9. @ Ron:

    What college do you work at and in what discipline?

  10. Ron, you didn't watch the video by Elizabeth Warren. She's got the data. You're ignoring the data. "Putting food on the table" isn't the problem and she talks about that in excruciating detail, along with a wide range of other "hypotheses" such as the SUV hypothesis.

    What really happened with SUV's was a tax loophole combined with government subsidy of the oil industry to keep gas prices artificially low:

    As a result of a quirk of federal tax law, business owners are allowed to depreciate SUVs and pickups more quickly than cars. The discrepancy has been around for nearly two decades, but it is getting new attention amid the soaring popularity of SUVs and pickups as suburban people-movers. As the end of the year approaches, the tax break gets particularly popular, since business owners often are in the market for ways to cut their taxable income.

    The deduction stems from the long-standing and somewhat bizarre classification of SUVs as "light trucks" rather than "cars." That means a tax break that was at least partly intended to help farmers buy pickup trucks is now being applied to today's quintessential suburban passenger vehicle.

  11. I've already emailed the paragraph beginning "Some might think that being a professor . . . " to several friends. It's about as accurate and concise a description of the academic working environment as you're likely to find.

    Years ago, the literary critic Leslie Fiedler maintained that most novels about the academy ultimately fail due to the difficulty of rendering the setting as simultaneously banal and surreal as it actually manages to be.

  12. "What college do you work at and in what discipline?"

    If I told you, then I'd have to kill you.

  13. Most vehicles are designed to serve as a sort of mating call, so if you are already married, you can save a fair amount of money, by, say, getting a used Camry.

    Houses are of course much more expensive, but until recently people tended to see them as investments rather than as consumer durables like cars.

  14. A housewife can also homeschool your children. Given the pattern of assortive mating and the fact that your children inherit half her genes and most of the nurture that she provides, she is likely to be far closer in raw mental potential to your children than their teachers are likely to be (is the average IQ of teachers in the US even 100, there is some question?). Also, if you homeschool, you don't have to worry about paying for a 'good' school district. Most parents look for the intersection of a good school district and a secure neighborhood----you'll just want a secure area, making a lot of more rural areas very suitable.
    The best part, of course, is that you won't be 'outgunned' in the upbringing of your children (consider how much time public school kids spend in the clutches of their teachers, compared to how much time you and your wife get when they aren't sleeping)---homeschooling is the most profoundly subversive thing you can do. Did I mention that homeschool moms are my heroes?

  15. I too identified with the paragraph beginning "Some might think that being a professor . . .", and the emphasis on a paycheck. In fact, I identified with Ron's wrote or implied about his home life, career, experiences, and attitude.

    To paraphrase Bob Dylan, "It is my job and I do it for pay and when it is done I go on my way."

    I agree with David's admiration of home schooling parents. Frankly, my wife and I realize they are simply better people then us. Here is a link documenting the success of home schooling.

    I would chalk up most of the success to nature (highly intelligent parents are more likely to home school and have highly intelligent off-spring), but these stats do refute some of the criticisms of home-schooling.

    Dave, even having children is subversive. I think two is not looked at strangely, but three makes you suspect in many circles.

  16. It's a good thing that houses are so many more times expensive than SUVs because the fact that the inflation-adjusted per vehicle outlays have decreased since 1970 might lead one to believe that bringing up SUVs as the source of family insolvency is...

    Oh... wait...

  17. I know a few homeschool parents as friends, and I'm fond of all of their kids. My wife and I have just started our family recently, and have our first child, but we're hoping for three. Our plan is to homeschool them all. It is definitely expensive to do so, given that my wife had a good salary also, but I think its our answer to that fundamental question...what do you want? I want my wife to be able to enjoy raising our children and I want our children to not have to share her with an impersonal, but demanding corporate master.
    My experiences with some of my friends that homeschool was honestly instrumental in my decision to look for a wife and want to have children in the first place---they demonstrated to me just how good of a thing a good marriage and well-raised children can actually be, enough to persuade me to roll the dice anyway.

  18. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Jim Bowery,

    So true man, so true. A home is the biggest expense people ever have, and since the late 80s they have went up way too much vs. what folks earn. Its crazy, and it makes affordable family formation difficult for the working and semi-professional class.

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Study of 94k Americans: Irreligious blacks do much more drug selling and theft than religious blacks

This study , using a sample of ~94k teens and young adults, examined the link between religiosity (church attendance and saying religion is ...