Thursday, June 30, 2011

Religiosity and illegal drug use

A typical liberal refrain is that religious folks are just as bad a irreligious people; they're just hypocrites. Even religious types will sometimes say that many of their own behave badly because the church attracts people with problems.

GSS respondents were asked if they had used illegal drugs in the past year. Here are the percentages who answered yes by church attendance:

Percent who used illegal drugs in the past year (sample size = 2,323)

Never attends 8.9
Less than once a year 6.1
Once a year 8.7
Several times a year 5.3
Once a month 1.8*
Two or three times a month 3.3*
Nearly every week 1.5*
Every week 1.0*
More than once a week 1.8*

*significantly less than the "never attends" group

People who never go to church are five times as likely to use illegal drugs as people who attend more than once a week.


  1. Anonymous8:08 AM

    A person's chance of using illegal drugs goes up almost twice as much if they go to church more than once a week as compared to people who go to church only once a week. This makes religiosity look very shallow.

  2. How about using the question about belief in God rather than attendance to measure religiosity?

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