Friday, June 03, 2011

Atheists and the Big 5 personality traits

Using MIDUS Study data, I calculated mean Big 5 personality scores for atheists and others (sample size = 3,960).

Mean scores
Atheists 2.99
Others 3.10

Negative emotionality
Atheists 1.81*
Others 2.10
Cohen's d .46

Atheists 3.15*
Others 3.45
Cohen's d .60

Atheists 3.37
Others 3.49

Openness to experience
Atheists 3.36*
Others 2.90
Cohen's d .85

*atheists and others are significantly different

Cohen's d is a measure of the gap between means. Compared to others, atheists are significantly less neurotic, less agreeable, and more open to experience. The differences for the latter two are large. It is not surprising to observe that atheists are disagreeable and open to new things.


  1. Look at agnostics. A lot of us unreligious types call ourselves agnostic rather than atheist because we're not fond enough of pissing people off. ;)

  2. yeah, yeah! how about agnostics? (^_^)

  3. Both neuroticism/negative emotionality and agreeableness are on average higher in women than men, and differences in agreeableness (esepcially) could be the cause of sex differences in religiosity and the rate of atheism.

    With a PhD student, I recently did a survey on religiousness/ atheism (variously measured) in relation to various personality factors; and we also found a negative correlation between agreebleness and religiousness.

    Even stronger was a negative correlation between Simon Baron Cohen's 'Empathizing' variable and religiousness.

    (Indeed Agreeableness and Empathizing are more-or-less the same thing.)

    So: which is more important for religiousness - gender or agreeablness?

    In general, we concluded that agreeableness/ empathizing was more powerful at explaining religiousness and atheism than was gender.

    (Note - Many studies make the conceptual error of trying to explain religiousness - whereas religiousness is spontaneous, and it is the recent and geographically restricted phenomeonon of atheism that invites explanation.)

  4. Vox Day has often commented on the nastiness of atheists.

  5. Nanonymous12:20 PM

    Agnostic is a weasel term for atheist anyway. Huxley invented it because of the social stigma attached to atheism. Things haven't changed much since.

  6. Anonymous11:47 AM

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  7. dixie v10:38 AM

    Wow... so much for intelligent discourse. I appreciate that people believe differently, but,you, Anonymous (who will not even take credit for your own thoughts), are your own favorite customer. Might wanna re-read that First Commandment, my friend--worshipping yourself as a god counts, too. Peace be with you--and a little reality and humility as well.

  8. Interesting. I am an agnostic (more atheistic than theistic, though). I would say I'm very empathic overall - for humans/ animals even plants. But I don't believe one whit in the Bible or in God. I also am slow to warm up cautious with my emotions, but am a deep feeler. (i.e. the type of person who can, on an off day, cry while listening to Max Richter. I just don't want to get caught crying). I became a vegetarian at 7, present as an INFJ and have absolutely no. belief. at all. in God. So I find this study sort of interesting. I would also say I'm fascinated by parapsychology and many subjects that my religious friends scoff at, yet deep down...I'm the skeptic in the group (even as I'm reading about aliens :p) Go figure.

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