Monday, March 14, 2011

You can't get rid of these people

I'd like to lodge a complaint. In the media coverage of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster, all the science experts interviewed have been old white men. It's truly disgusting. These wrinkly old farts need to go. If I don't see a fresh young black women's face in about the next five seconds, I'm going to blow a major gasket. Just when you think we're making social progress, the pale old fogeys somehow slip back on-stage.


  1. Anonymous10:07 AM

    And another thing.... why are these nuclear physicists who are being interviewed old, white men?

  2. Sgt. Joe Friday1:08 PM

    "...all the science experts interviewed have been old white men. It's truly disgusting."

    Like Lucy Jones and Kate Hutton?

  3. timmy4:58 AM

    Just what we need, our First Black Nuclear Meltdown. Can't wait for that.

  4. Sgt. Joe: My mistake--I thought Kate Hutton was a man.

  5. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Kate Hutton and Lucy Jones: Seismologist are not in the same league as nuclear physicist. Not even close.


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