Monday, March 07, 2011

American Muslim religiousness

Are American Muslims more or less religious than other Americans? Here is the distribution of the total population first and Muslims second (GSS, years 2000-2008, non-blacks):

Percent attending religious services (sample size = 12,652/53)

All Americans
Never 21.6
Rarely 31.4
Sometimes 14.5
Often 29.8

Never 22.6
Rarely 17.0
Sometimes 17.0
Often 43.4*

* significantly higher than for all Americans

Muslims differ from other Americans in the most religious category: 43 versus 30 percent attend often (almost every week or more).


  1. Anonymous7:11 PM

    I think I saw that on average American Muslims have a higher socioeconomic status which correlates to higher attendance.

    How do Americans of similar average socioeconomic status compare to American Muslims?

  2. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Off topic, but interesting. Blogger, alfin, reports that Oregon State is kicking out the kids of Art Robinson.

  3. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Is there a gender difference in Muslim religious attendance? It should be remembered that going to mosque is a religious obligation only for males, not females.

  4. Also interesting that the never attends category is basically the same as non-Muslims, even though the average religiosity is higher. Seems to indicate that Muslims (in America) are more likely to either be devout or not religious at all. Less room for moderate religiosity.


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