Tuesday, April 06, 2010

No difference between white managers and liberals in warmth toward blacks

Liberals claim that blacks average lower incomes than whites because whites do the hiring, and all too many of them are racists. What we need, they say, is enlightened people (i.e., them) to do the hiring.

In the last post, I used General Social Survey (GSS) data to show that white police officers do not differ from other whites in their feelings toward blacks. Let's use the same question to see if there is a significant difference between white managers and white liberals. Respondents were asked,"In general, how warm or cool do you feel towards African Americans?" Answers ranged from "very warm" (1) to "very cool" (9). There were 232 managers and 266 liberals in the sample.

The mean score for managers is 3.55; for libs, it's 3.46. The difference is not statistically significant, meaning that we have little confidence that the difference in the estimates is anything more than noise. 

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