Thursday, April 15, 2010

Liberals and cheating on taxes

Ah, Tax Day.

A recent survey by Pew revealed that 86 percent of conservatives agree that "not reporting all income on your taxes is morally wrong" compared to only 68 percent of liberals. 

Conservatives want lower taxes but feel they should pay what they owe. Liberals want you to pay more but don't stress about paying their own.   


  1. Nice obfuscation.

    Those who don't actually read the survey will have no idea that the survey included the option of saying "Not a moral issue". Since not paying your taxes is a legal issue it's unsurprising that many Liberals chose that option. Indeed, another way to accurately report the survey would be like this:

    "In a recent Pew survey, a very small percentage of respondents felt that not paying taxes on all of their income was morally acceptable. The difference between liberal views and conservative views on this subject was statistically insignificant - less than 3 percentage points."

    But you wouldn't want to report it that way would you?

    Once again, I congratulate you on your clever twisting of the facts to your agenda. Well done.

  2. How about another survey:

    "The General Social Survey asked 733 Americans if they thought cheating on taxes is wrong, and also asked who they voted for in 1996. The graph shows that 16.3% of Clinton voters think tax evasion is not wrong or a little bit wrong, compared to 9.1% of Dole supporters."


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