Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Race and speaking up

MIDUS respondents were asked if they agreed with this: "I am not afraid to voice my opinions, even when they are in opposition to the opinions of most people." Here are the means by race/ethnicity:

Mean "speaking up" score

Black 4.87
Amerindian 4.67
Hispanic 4.63
White 4.55*
Asian 3.67

* significantly lower than blacks at 95% confidence level

The gap between blacks and Asians is eight-tenths of a standard deviation--a large difference.  Blacks on top and Asians on the bottom is consistent with my experience in the classroom.


  1. Nanonymous9:16 AM

    What is p value for the Black/Asian and White/Asian differences? In numbers, the biggest difference is between Asians and everyone else.

    The common stereotype of E. Aisans is that they are nations of conformists. This self-assessment seems to validate the stereotype very stongly.

  2. The black-Asians difference is just short of singificant because there are so few Asians--20.

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  4. Deckin4:56 PM

    This is exactly my experience. Even in a class with one or two African American students, they will ask 90% of the questions. And they will do this even when it's obvious to all but them that the questions themselves make little sense. Case in point: During a discussion of a quite difficult proof, one student raised their hand and asked me what one question I would ask of a certain mathematician if I could talk to him today.


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