Monday, February 22, 2010

Blacks most moved by beauty of life

MIDUS Study respondents were asked the following question: "On a daily basis, how often do you experience the following: A feeling of being deeply moved by the beauty of life." Here are the percentages who answered "often" by race/ethnicity:


Blacks 49.0
Hispanics 43.2
Polish 42.3
Amerindian 40.0
Scottish 37.1
English 38.4
Irish 35.3*
Norwegian 33.8
German 33.0*
Jewish 30.2*
Italian 29.9*
French 26.7*

* significantly lower than blacks at the 95% confidence level

Blacks are significantly more likely than several European groups to have this type of experience often. I'm reminded of Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" (although he didn't write the song). This is consistent with the higher level of religiosity reported by blacks.  


  1. Wow, French and Italian at the bottom. Maybe that is why they were motivated to create so many beautiful things.

  2. Anonymous8:47 AM

    I wonder if blacks are so moved in Africa.

  3. Anonymous8:55 PM

    "If I could only live at the pitch that is near madness
    When everything is as it was in my childhood
    Violent, vivid, and of infinite possibility:
    That the sun and the moon broke over my head."

    -Richard Eberhart

    This seems perhaps relevant.

  4. I've also noticed that mental retards always have a smile on their face.


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