Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Preferring one's own ethnic group among whites

As a follow-up to the last post on race and preferring the company of one's own, I wanted to take a look at variation among white groups. Listed below are the percent who answered that they did not prefer their own group "at all" by ethnicity (N = 4,478):

English 32.8*
French 53.4
German 50.3
Irish 38.5
Italian 28.5*
Polish 37.7*
Scottish 41.3
Swedish 45.9
Russian 37.5
Norwegian 42.7
Jewish 20.2*

*significantly different from German Americans at the 95% confidence level

I chose German Americans as the reference group since they are large and score second highest (after French Americans) on this measure of neutrality. Surprisingly, Irish Americans are a bit more neutral than those of English descent. Jewish Americans, by contrast, score in the non-white range (from the previous post, Native Americans are 20 percent).

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