Friday, September 18, 2009

Narcissism, negative emotionality, and race: In an earlier post, I showed how homosexual men, as a group, are more narcissistic than straight men. Using the same survey, I used answers from 11 questions to develop a scale of negative emotionality (anxiety, moodiness, depression, emotional instability, etc.). Cronbach's alpha was .91.

I compared white and black men and found no statistically significant difference on the trait or on the narcissism measure (N = 814). Studies show that heritability for negative emotionality is .4 to .5, and it's as high as .6 for narcissism. The data here suggest that, even with moderate heritabilities, trait frequencies will not necessarily differ between racial groups.

I assumed the lack of race research on the Big Five was due to fear, but perhaps some of it is due to lack of difference. Anyone know of documented differences? I've guessed at some things, but haven't run across research (Lynn's work on psychopathy is an exception).

All this reveals one of the perversions of this era of racial hysteria (Jimmy Carter being the best recent example). IQ research has documented a huge racial gap, but since everyone is too afraid to research personality differences, it leads one to assume based on IQ research that blacks and whites are probably very different (and possibly genetically different) in many ways. Give us the damn research so we know the truth and don't have to guess!


  1. Have any research to suggest the difference between black-white IQ's is genetic ?


  3. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Check David Schmitt's research on cross-cultural differences in the B5.


  4. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Lynn's work on psychopathy is very dubious:


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