Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Alpha and Beta IQs

Here are the IQ percent distributions for Alphas and Betas. I widened the age range to 25-59 and the period to the 1990s and this decade to maximize N since I couldn't detect differences with a smaller sample. It still seems the two groups don't really differ in terms of intelligence. (It looks like there might be a few more retarded and really dumb as opposed to just plain dumb Betas).


  1. Sorry to keep pushing you on this, but I am wondering if you could do a breakdown of how many children alphas and betas have at each IQ level. If the N's aren't high enough you might try just giving the number of children for alphas and betas with IQs above and below 100.

    That might tell us, for example, whether underclass "alphas" are the one's having the most kids or if more intelligent alphas are having kids too.

  2. We need to be able to find data for IQ's of 130-150 or so. Why is there data on IQ's in the 40's and 50's? These are people who are institutionally retarded. Everything below an IQ of 85 or so is really irrelvant, especially dealing with white people.

  3. It's hopeless.

    We want to educate the public on these subtle statistical differences. But everything ends up being filtered through mass media reporters who believe that 13.5% of $100 is $18.


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