Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mean number of offspring for Alphas and Betas

Following Thursday's suggestion, I calculated mean number of children for Alphas and Betas at different IQ intervals. The sample includes white men ages 30-59 from the 1990s and this decade (in order to maximize N). Betas of various intelligence levels are fairly similar in their family size. Mean number of offspring, however, drops more steeply among Alphas as IQ rises. Evidently, the dumb guys and their partners have sex more recklessly.


  1. I know I keep harping on this, but since alphas are catching up with betas, it would be helpful to know whether the increase over the past 3 decades is coming from lower or higher IQ individuals or both. Due to low N's, I would suggest just going with dividing the groups into those with IQ's above and below 100 rather than into more fine groups.

  2. Alphas and satellite kiddies that betas are raising?


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