Thursday, November 06, 2008

Young adults and gay marriage

There are two themes I've picked up on concerning the gay marriage proposition in California. First, I document a lot of social problems found in the black and Hispanic communities, so it's very pleasant to see something in the positive column; in this case, defending social conservatism.

Second, the pundits are saying that young adults are all on board with this gay marriage stuff: It's only a prejudice among older people. The Voting Behavior: 2004 Election survey asked 1,010 if they thought gay people should be able to get married. The results are shown above.

Unless young people have shifted significantly since the last election, they are not all for gay marriage-it's evenly split. Yes, age is important here, but pundits are exaggerating trends among young adults. I don't know how much stock to put into this exit poll, but supposedly 60% of Californians under 30 were against Proposition 2008. Sixty percent in a liberal state is probably consistent with 50% nationwide.

The culture war is not only among the old fogies.

Oh, and while I'm at it, God bless the Mormon Church for taking a stand on an important moral issue. We need more churches to tell Hollywood, we don't take cues on morality from you. All you alcoholics and sex and drug addicts should be taking them from us.


  1. Yes, God Bless the mormon church for taking a stand and financially contributing to Yes on Prop 8! We are so thrilled Prop 8 passed in CA! It was a nice feeling after feeling so down about the Obama win last night. The liberal illuminati gave one up to us!

  2. Homosexuality is not immoral. It's a biological fluke. You might as well call albinism immoral.

    Denying gays the same rights as straights based on that fluke, however, is plain wrong. The fact that the groups with the highest social pathologies passed Proposition 8 should tell you something.

  3. Marc,

    I respect your opinion, but we simply differ on this. A more valid analogy would be the biological fluke of only being able to be sexually attracted and to fall in love with siblings.


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