Saturday, November 01, 2008

Obama is anti-free speech: Barack, living out the Thug Life, has attempted to shut down Rev. Wright ads put out by National Republican Trust. My Russian friend says it smacks of totalitarianism, and he should know. It's clear that Comrade Obama is salivating over putting the Steveosphere under the guillotine as well, so fight the power with a donation. (Am I mixing too many revolutionary metaphors?)


  1. The left is all about power-greed by now, except for a residual anti-volitionist mindset. Otherwise they appear to have abandoned any principle that once was associated with them. This is proven by the common cause they often make with Islam. Obama exemplifies this new phase of the left, the unprincipled left. Every association of a questionable nature regarding our highest security clearance should disqualify him in the minds of more and more people. No presumption of innocence for such applicants may obtain re: their associations with terrroists and such.

  2. I heard the elitist illuminati trip over power so much, and they say Obama is the worse when it comes to a power trip. Wonder how this will play out?


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