Wednesday, November 19, 2008

AIDS and Hispanic immigration: One virtue of the BRFSS 2002 Survey is that it asked health questions of almost 200,000 Americans. This allows us to analyze uncommon behaviors among small ethnic/racial groups.

Concerned about AIDS, researchers asked people if they have done any of these things in the past year: IV drug use, exchanging money for sex, anal sex without a condom, or getting treated for a STD. Here are the percentages by race/ethnicity:

Percent with risky behavior in past year, N = 192,186

White 2.5
Black 5.5
Asian 1.9
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 4.0
American Indian 3.8
Other race 3.2
Multiracial 4.1
Hispanic 4.1

No surprises here, except to those folks who believe that Hispanics are short, tanned white people.

Innumerate readers, no doubt, will say, "All these numbers are small and close together, so we can say that for practical purposes that all groups are the same."

No, what the numbers say, for example, is that the prevalence of high-risk people among Hispanics is roughly double that of Asians. Adjusting for group size, there are two Hispanics for every one Asian at risk of HIV infection. According to this article, the lifetime economic cost of one HIV-positive person is close to one million dollars.

The more Asians we invite to the country, the more the HIV/AIDS problem will be reduced. If we want a bigger problem, let's keep up all the immigration from Latin America.


  1. Does anal sex without a condom include heterosexual sex? If so, I'm not sure that really counts as that high risk. Yes, the virus is more easily spread through anal than vaginal sex, but given that the HIV rate among heterosexuals who don't shoot up is so low, in most cases it isn't going to matter.

  2. Anonymous11:16 AM

    "No surprises here, except to those folks who believe that Hispanics are short, tanned white people"

    Quite true. However, the people really pushing the borderless nation (Critical theorizing-style-Marxist) know damn well Hispanics are not short, tanned white people, but another underclass-in-the-making-they can use to blame America for, and continue its path to utter deconstruction and re-construction as a Socialist nanny state.....................which would eventually fail a generation or two hence.

    If left-wingers loved hispanics so much, they wouldn't keep moving away from them or keep sending their own kids to those pesky private schools. The importation of hispanics in my opinion is more of a act of violence against the white working class, who do not vote the way our elites would have them do.

  3. Anonymous1:00 PM


    Do you really think it's a good idea to keep inviting Asians to the US? Your point about Hsipanics is a slam-dunk, but please rethink how good Asians are to the integrity of the white majority. They are still competition and there are too many white guys who have weak knees for Asian women. I can foresee a day when we have a totally mixed race elite population, whose mtDNA is almost entirely from China/Korea.

  4. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Notice how risky behavior corresponds to IQ score.

    Group/risky behavior/IQ


  5. Anonymous1:01 AM

    White guys have a thing for Asian women because Asian women from some cultures don't discount intelligence in men automatically the way White, Hispanic, and Black women do.

    "Smart" is really only penalized in men, not women, obviously, since it correlates with lower levels of testosterone, compared to men of Average IQ. It's been estimated that men of 130 IQs have the same average level of testosterone as men of 70 IQ.

    Women don't like "smart" men, unless they do things that demonstrate high testosterone, such as high-risk seeking behavior, X-games, snowboarding, motocross, BASE jumping, rock climbing, etc. The riskier the better.

    Asian women are not any different, but Coastal Chinese, Japanese, and Korean women are more likely to trade off risk for higher IQ, based on cultural factors. Vietnamese women, and other SE Asian women less so, all things being equal. This is likely to change as better economic and social status of women in these regions affect them the way it did European women, who went from trading off risk/testosterone for IQ to preferring risk/testosterone completely, in around 40 years, starting in the mid 1960's.

  6. So do the people in other countries truly believe the left-wing illuminati will bring a cure to them? I hope not, because it's the farthest thing from their minds.


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