Thursday, September 18, 2008

"White trash voters": With Sarah Palin on the ticket, lots of good-hearted folks are saying things like Republicans are the white trash party. Let's set aside the racial slur, and define this group as whites with the lowest status jobs. Here's how whites voted in 2004:

Percent of whites voting for Bush in 2004 by job status

Low 50.3
Low-medium 57.9
Medium 63.0
Medium-high 58.9
High 54.1

"White trash" folks are the least likely of all whites to vote Republican. The GOP is a white, middle class party, if anything. The Democratic party is a Black, Hispanic, Jewish, immigrant, whiterpeople party, and poor whites are split.


  1. I've got more debunking the view that proles go right here.

  2. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Can someone explain to me the "-er" in whiterpeople?

  3. Here is the explanation:

  4. OMG. Love this site and completely relates to us!

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    Pure White Trash Hats


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