Saturday, September 13, 2008

Typical liberal hypocrisy: Bob Herbert of the New York Times, always a giggle to read, calls Sarah Palin "dimwitted." It puts the silliest grin on my face to see flaming liberals suddenly convert to a belief in native intelligence. Perhaps Bob thinks that IQ is genetically determined for white trailer trash, but is a racist mismeasure of black intelligence.

Allow me to speak in the voice of a lefty who actually believes his ideology: "We should very well oppose Palin on account of her right-wing views, but this talk of lack of intelligence is silly. All people are capable of being vice-president or president. It's just a matter of proper training. Sarah clearly does not know enough now, but an intense term at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government will turn anyone into a policy genius. Expertise might take many years to develop at a run-of-the-mill university, but this is Harvard, people. She would be ready when sworn in on January 20th."


  1. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Although I agree with your overall point, your attempt at gotcha is poorly conceived. Liberals have no problem saying certain people are smart and others are dumb; they merely shrink from admitting that there are any significant group differences. The more hardline ones might also claim that all intelligence variation is caused by environment, but that doesn't preclude them calling certain people dumb.

  2. Liberals seem to believe that the surest test of intelligence is whether one holds liberal views. By definition, anyone who is not a liberal is obviously not intelligent.

  3. Total straw man.

    1) Liberals don't disbelieve in native intelligence.

    2) Even if we DID disbelieve in native intelligence, that's quite different from the claim that a person can ramp up from relative ignoramus to Vice President of the USA in two months.

    3) The real problem with Palin, intellectually speaking, is that she is not particularly interested in policy. There's nothing wrong with that for Jane Citizen, but to not really follow the Iraq war even when you have a son deploying betrays such a lack of intellectual curiosity it's almost incomprehensible for a politician at her level.

    What's really funny is watching conservative intellectuals defend her qualifications. Alaska's close to Russia! She was commander-in-chief of Alaska's National Guard!

    They must hate themselves.

  4. Anonymous8:49 AM

    It most certainly is not a straw man.

    I've heard countless liberals argue for universal higher ed, as if every kid is capable of doing college work.


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