Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gender? Nah: Everybody's buzzing about how Palin's popularity is driven by the gender effect. I'm skeptical. Reading USA Today yesterday (don't get confused) I noticed that, according to their poll, 9% more men after both conventions said they plan to vote McCain than before them. For women, it was only 3% more.

If it's not gender, that leaves the populist, reformist, and right-wing appeal. I don't think most women really give a damn about the sisterhood.


  1. Really? You can't think of any reasons men would be more likely to vote for an attractive woman?

  2. Roissy's blog has Palin's core appeal to many demographics, and her deeply threatening vibe to others, really nailed. He's not talking white papers folks:

    Scroll up in his blog for the three or four blog entries more recent than this one for more of his take on the Palin phenomenon.

    His blog takes as it's entry point tales and strategems for late twenty something, early thirty something men in the DC singles scene. However, it often discusses diverse gender attraction and relations topics and is really quite a set of deep insights into the effects decades of uber feminism is having on young adults especially in our society. He's coming from a combined evolutionary psychology and pick up artist point of view,
    and is both often very funny and always an excellent writer.

    His own devotion to a very large number of causal pickups and shortish affairs can sometimes be off putting or seem unbalanced even for those fortunate enough to pull it off, but his insights about women especially are useful for anyone, whatever the type of success they wish with the opposite sex, seems to me.

    He dissolves lots of feminist and also sometimes traditional "pretty lies".

    Yeah, I'm a fan. I'm also much older and not at all in the scene he sometimes, but not always, writes about. What he really writes about is men and women, especially women, and what they're attracted to, as opposed to what society, and they themselves, say they are.

  3. Palin is attractive to older women who have been pushed aside by younger, "hip" minority men, in the workplace. There are far more than you think. Certainly the attacks on her have made older women resentful.

    Younger women dislike her, because of her blue collar husband and children. Their desires are to live the life of Sex and the City.

    Men like her for the same reason younger women dislike her -- she's pretty, dynamic, and married a blue collar guy.


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