Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Women are the New Holy Men

I think I agree with American philosopher Charles Peirce (I've been reading him a lot--an underappreciated American) that revealed truths "constitute by far the most uncertain class of truths there are." I won't get into his specific objections. Suffice it to say that there are several reasons to doubt one's testimony, even a saint's.

The Modern Mind certainly agrees with Peirce and goes beyond him to mock this kind of "believe me when I tell you." That is, of course, unless your talking about the testimony of a woman who has allegedly been sexually assaulted. Women are now the New Prophets. Truth with a capital T comes straight down from Heaven and proceeds in pure form out of the mouths of Babes. Their proclamations are Gospel Truth and to doubt them is to blaspheme. Blasphemers must be stoned.

It seems like we humans never change. We just swing.  

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