Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Our elites are freaking insane

You folks probably already know the story of how a study that attempts to explain greater variability among males versus females ended up being pulled from not one but two journals.

I wanted to see what was so horrible about the paper, so I read it word-for-word.  Holy crap, it's the most boring, technical paper you could ever read. The goal is to demonstrate mathematically why greater diversity among males makes sense in terms of evolutionary theory.

The paper does not even get into the idea that greater variability among guys causes a huge excess of men at the very high end of the distribution; that we should expect, for example, many more male than female geniuses. The paper doesn't even touch the topic. There is absolutely NO rational reason to pull this paper.

This story is just more proof that our elites are freaking insane. They are ruining this country. We have GOT to stop them.

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  1. Those who have read "Adjustment Day" will have an idea about how to stop them, but it is a bad idea due to Sybil Attacks. Sybil Attacks are the unsolved problem of all anonymous online voting systems. There are, however, cryptographically secure ways of allocating votes that can render Sybil Attacks moot, and I don't mean cryptocurrency bounties.


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