Saturday, September 22, 2018

NEW STUDY: Immigration has hurt British wages

The details give me a headache, but this new study reports that, overall, 1999-2016 immigration in Great Britain has hurt native wages.

As an example of how this works in real life, college students should be thrilled with all these immigrant professors. You can't understand what the hell they're saying in class, and the low salaries drive native-born talent into other fields, but just think of all the additional multicultural services and administrators the cheap professors pay for!

UPDATE: Keep in mind that even among economist researchers, the ratio of progressives to non-progressives is 5:1. All research disciplines are organized to generate liberal-friendly findings. The idea of objectivity is laughable. A rational person can dismiss liberal results as due to bias, and conservative results as a case of the data screaming too loudly to be silenced.

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  1. lhtness2:49 PM

    We're using mass immigration to greatly increase supply of labor (for both skilled and unskilled work), this is popular among employers because they don't have to pay as much, and economists tell me that there is no relationship at all. I once saw an economist on Twitter saying that supply and demand had been disproved (because immigrants don't drive down wages, and increasing minimum wage doesn't eliminate jobs).

    But I asked myself what evidence would convince me that mass immigration doesn't drive down native wages. And I think I've got an answer: Chambers of commerce start opposing mass immigration, on the grounds that it has serious social costs, but does not save their constituents any money.


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