Saturday, February 27, 2016

Serial killers are disproportionately black

Why haven't we heard more about the trial of black serial killer Lonnie Franklin who murdered several black prostitutes?  Americans love serial killer stories.  The media seems to want us to believe that blacks are small-time crooks who are sympathetic victims of the ghetto, while white criminals kill on a massive scale, motivated by pure evil.

Wrong. According to the serial killer expert Eric Hickey, 20% of American serial killers are black even though African Americans are only 13% of the population. Even worse, Hickey says they are half of recent cases.

A clear difference between blacks and whites is that blacks have shorter CAG repeats on the androgen receptor gene which makes people more sensitive to testosterone. Androgen levels and sensitivity might help explain the fact that more than 90% of serial killers are male and that they are disproportionately black.

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