Monday, February 15, 2016

Millenials are more liberal because they are less white

I've read studies that suggest that Millenials are significantly more liberal than previous generations of young people. It makes me wonder, is that due to more non-whites, or are young whites more liberal?

The above graphs shows trends for males 18-29. The clearest change is an increase in moderates. You can also see a small drop in the number of those who are conservative or slightly conservative.

This graph is of young females. There are no large changes for them. It looks like most of the liberalism in this generation of young people is due to the growing number of non-whites. 


Bateman said...

More boomer lies destroyed.

I predict that you'd find the same results about sexual behavior, ect.

Anonymous said...

In tribal affiliation, probably Ms are not (more Liberal). Directly compare attitudes and question responses though...

JayMan said...

Presumably this is Whites only?

I've mentioned similar before.

Though note, I wouldn't say non-Whites are more liberal, because socially they are most certainly not. It's that they are more likely to vote for democrats. Future post.

Ron Guhname said...

Jayman, right--this is a sample of whites.