Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gender differences in sexuality

According to this meta-analysis, gender differences in sexuality have shrunk over the past 20 years. Here are some of their results. A positive statistic indicates a male advantage:

Gender differences--Cohen's d

Heterosexual intercourse frequency .16
Number of sex partners .36
Age at first intercourse .20
Oral sex .06
Anal sex .09
Extramarital sex .33
Masturbation .53
Pornography use .63
Attitude toward premarital sex .17
Attitude toward extramarital sex .01
Attitude toward masturbation .02
Feelings of guilt -.19
Sexual satisfaction .17
Attitude toward homosexuality -.18
Same-sex sexuality -.05

Except for masturbation and pornography use, the differences now appear to be fairly small or even non-existent in some areas. Findings suggest that gender differences in sexuality can be shaped substantially by environmental factors. Women can be influenced to be more or less like men.


  1. Jonathan1:04 PM

    That makes sense. Pornography and Masturbation go hand in hand.

  2. Anonymous9:46 PM

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  4. I would say number of partners and extramarital sex may be important. Your value of Cohen's implies that that a randomly chosen dude will have a higher score than a randomly chosen chick over 60% of the time.

  5. The most preserved items relate to the greater male sex drive.

    A lot of the other things are attitudes, which are likely more malleable. If something isn't considered deviant, women won't shy away from it as much.

  6. Stephen5:23 PM

    Jonathan said...
    That makes sense. Pornography and Masturbation go hand in hand.



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