Monday, July 04, 2011

Retards voted for Obama

It's the 4th: let's do a post that will bring everyone together.

Liberals like to pat themselves on the back for being the smart voters. They seem to think this proves that they are right. While various data analyses by HBD-ers like myself have shown that the claim of having higher IQs is a myth, GSS data indicate that, based on their way of reasoning, conservatives are right.

Of the 19 people surveyed in 2010 with IQs of 70 or lower, 14 or 74 percent voted for Obama. Sixty-one percent of the retarded sample voted for Kerry (n = 67). The most mentally limited Americans vote for liberals.


  1. The Liberal response would be "And the rest voted against their own best interests..."

    But, seriously, this would delight Liberals, since their self-respect is based on their motivations, and certainly they see themselves as the protectors of (amongst others) those with the lowest intelligence.

    Naturally, Liberals would think, such people would themselves be Liberal and vote for their protectors.

    The (disproven) claim that Liberals have higher intelligence doesn't quite capture what Liberals think on this topic; I think they really mean to say something more like ...

    "Of the most intelligent people *who matter*, most are Liberals."

    - and by the most inteligent people "who matter" they mean those they regard as the elite - in public administration, education (especially higher education, especially elite higher education), mass media, law...

    And about this they are indeed correct. Even the Republican voters among these groups are mostly Liberal in orientation (libertarians, Neo-Cons etc.)

  2. Didn't Sailer argue there was a bimodal distribution with liberals winning among both very smart people and retards?

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