Sunday, July 03, 2011

Only 25 percent of very religious Hispanics are Republicans

According to Gallup numbers, the hope that Evangelicals will gradually turn Hispanics into conservatives turns out to be wishful thinking. Only 25 percent of Hispanics who self-identify as very religious say they are Republicans. Compare that to the 62 percent of very religious whites. It's is probably safe to say that Latinos will never vote like whites.

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  1. Because people want stuff they cannot get on their own, any democratic society eventually drifts into socialism. And when the socialist economy collapses (a la Weimar, Greece, etc), the people will support a fascist (which is a kind of socialism) dictatorship.

    Mexicans already come from a society that is largely socialist in both its secular and religious institutions, and native Americans will drift closer to the Mexican position over time.

    By the way, the Obama revolution will not be undone even if the Republicans capture both Houses of Congress and the Presidency next year. In order to overcome RINOs, they would have to have at least 70 votes to force closure.


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